Brad Gambill – Innosight Ventures

SOCAP Global June 16, 2009

Brad Gambill joined Innosight after spending more than 12 years with McKinsey & Company – the last 5 years in the Singapore office. Brad spent a great deal of his time at McKinsey focused on identifying and rigorously analyzing and shaping business building opportunities. His clients included large corporations, start-ups, and venture capital and private equity firms. He also led the development of a few “McKinsey-owned” start-up businesses. Brad also contributed substantially to the body of knowledge within McKinsey on the topic of innovation and business building. He was an active member of McKinsey’s Innovation and Technology Management practice and the McKinsey Growth practice. He also led a yearlong effort to identify factors that contribute to success and failure in corporations defining and building new businesses. A summary of the results from this work were published in a McKinsey Quarterly article entitled “The Curse of Too Much Capital” and in numerous practice development documents available within the Firm. On countless occasions, he provided “expert” support on the topics of innovation and business building to his colleagues and their clients around the world.

Brad has demonstrated strong entrepreneurial inclinations and talents throughout his professional career. He moved to Singapore in early 1999 to help open the Singapore Office (which he eventually managed for two years). He launched and managed the Singapore Accelerator because he believed that McKinsey and its clients needed a focal point in the region for innovation and new business building. Additionally, after leaving the Firm in 2003, Brad started his own private equity firm to invest in high growth small business opportunities.

Brad graduated magna cum laude from Duke University. He also earned his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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