Eve Blossom – Lulan

SOCAP Global June 16, 2009

eve_blossomTrained as a designer/architect with an astute eye for design, Eve discovered a passion for the hand-woven textiles of Southeast Asia while spending two years restoring French villas in Vietnam. During her travels throughout the region, she met master weavers, learned their stories and was moved by their remarkable talents and spirit. Blossom seeks to empower these artisans through creating a viable economic engine that celebrates their spirit, talents and traditions – giving them a stable foundation for their future. Lulan Artisans integrates Blossom’s design sensibilities with her commitment to create social change. Eve takes pride in Lulan’s products and loves working closely with its partners – over 650 weavers, spinners, dyers and finishers in small workshops in Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Lulan supports these artisans and their communities through paying sustainable wages, creating economic stability, growing local economies and assisting with other social benefits – such as education, housing, healthcare – as well as opening up new markets for their products.

A frequent lecturer on design and social change, Eve is not only committed to sustainable responsible design comprehensively, she is also intent on changing business methodologies to create economic options for artisans whether in Southeast Asia or in the U.S. She received her Masters in Architecture from Tulane University and has undertaken graduate studies in Business Administration.

“There is an intimacy inherent in the architectural form of woven fabric,” notes Eve, “in its purpose, in its use and in the way it has been created — on one loom that one weaver returns to every day. It’s an honor to know these artisans. I hope Lulan will give a strong voice and a wider audience to these talented artists.”

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