Jean-Philippe de Schrevel – BlueOrchard Finance

SOCAP Global June 16, 2009

Jean-Philippe-de-SchrevelJean-Philippe de Schrevel founded BlueOrchard Investments and BlueOrchard Private Equity Fund, as well as Bamboo Finance and Oasis Fund at the end of 2007. He also co-founded BlueOrchard Finance in 2001 and is now a member of the Executive Committee of its Board. He had joined Dexia Asset Management in 2000 as the Dexia Micro-Credit Fund Manager. Prior to that, he successfully worked as Junior Team Economist in Romania for a EU PHARE* technical assistance program; Field Consultant in microfinance for a Belgian NGO in Tanzania and Guatemala; Associate with McKinsey & Co; Operations Director of a private microfinance foundation in Argentina; Consultant for the UNCTAD Microfinance Unit in Geneva. Jean-Philippe holds a MA in Economics from Universit

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