Marc J. Lane – The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane

SOCAP Global June 18, 2009

MarcLaneMarc J. Lane is a Chicago-based attorney and financial advisor who helps nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid entities throughout the nation identify and implement market-based strategies to advance their social missions. He represents many non-profits, social-purpose businesses, social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, lenders and investors.

Marc is an innovator in helping social enterprises and social entrepreneurs leverage capital to maximize financial results while driving positive social change. He designed and teaches the Social Enterprise course at Northwestern University School of Law where he is an Adjunct Professor of Law. He is the pioneer behind the Advocacy InvestingAr approach to mission-related investing ( A Director of Social Enterprise Alliance, the national association of enterprising nonprofits and social-purpose businesses, he spearheaded the launch of its Chicago chapter, which he serves as President and a Director. And he is the force behind Illinois’ L3C legislation, authorizing the new hybrid business form which can leverage foundations’ program-related investments to access trillions of dollars of market-driven capital for ventures with modest financial prospects, but the possibility of major social impact.

Marc is the author of Profitable Socially Responsible Investing? An Institutional Investor’s Guide, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, Advising Entrepreneurs: Dynamic Strategies for Financial Growth, John Wiley and Sons, Legal Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations, American Management Association, and Representing Corporate Officers and Directors, Aspen Publishing.

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