Sara Olsen – Social Venture Technology (SVT) Group

SOCAP Global June 16, 2009

Sara Olsen is the founder of Social Venture Technology Group, and has led the firm to become a world leader specializing in the development of frameworks for measuring the value of intangibles, and communicating this value in terms practical for entrepreneurs, managers and investors. Most recently Sara worked with the Environmental Investment Advisor to CalPERS, Environmental Capital Group, to design and pilot the Environmental Performance Reporting System used in its $1Bn environmental technology private equity portfolio; and has teamed with HIP Investor to develop and launch the Human Impact + Profit (HIP) Framework for investors, publicly-listed corporations and other institutions.

Sara views strategic impact analysis to be an emerging management discipline and works to promote its awareness and spread its adoption. She co-wrote Social Return on Investment: a Guide to SROI Analysis (Lenthe Publishers, 2006),

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