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Brent Schulkin – Carrotmob/Virgance

SOCAP Global July 28, 2009

Brent_SchulkinBrent Schulkin is a co-founder of Virgance and the founder of Carrotmob. Virgance is a for-profit company that sits at the intersection of activism and business. Brent is the activist-turned-entrepreneur, while his co-founder Steve Newcomb is the entrepreneur-turned-activist. Brent concocted the method of consumer activism he named Carrotmob after growing frustrated with the ineffectiveness of traditional methods of activism. Before Carrotmob, Brent worked for The Go Game, designing hilarious games and creating elaborate, customized events for his clients around the world. Brent has also directed a documentary film about criminal justice issues and worked for Google AdWords. He graduated from Stanford in 2003.

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