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Katie Heot July 14, 2009 put up a great article today about Steve Wright of Foundation who will be speaking at SoCap09. Steve’s article posted today on titled “A Brave New World of Social Impact Data” is not to be missed. Steve will be on the “Metastasizing Metrics” pannel along with:
Moderator: Lucy Bernholtz, Blueprint R&D
Kevin Starr, Mulago
Laura Calanan, McKinsey and Co.
Read the Change article below or visit the site:
“A couple months ago, we featured a guest post by Steve Wright, Director of Innovation at Foundation. The post, “Reimagining Value for the Post Crisis Economy,”became one of our most popular ever, garnishing nearly forty comments from social entrepreneurship luminaries across the space.
About a month ago, I invited Steve to follow up that stellar piece with something focused more directly on his particular passion for social impact data. As the Director of Innovation at the Foundation, Steve has had the chance to work with some innovative projects around improving the way we collect and use data to determine our social impact, such as the Acumen Fund initiated PULSE Project.
Steve’s new piece, “A Brave New World of Social Impact Data,” is an incredibly important rumination on how to better use data to understand and increase our impact. The key graph for me:
As I see it, markets represent the physics of social change. Understanding their rules is critical to approximating an empirical understanding of social impact. At the moment, in the social sector, we operate in two disparate, conflicting marketplaces. The first is characterized by transactions and competition and the second by ideas and collaboration. It is my belief that we need to find synergies between these two markets if we are to create lasting global solutions. To a large extent, in the same way that an individual organization focuses on the change that it can make, the role of the market place is to focus on the change that can be made globally by leveraging the strengths and weaknesses of the network as a whole, both the nodes and the connections between them.
Yesterday we had some technical, and the post was published in incomplete form and under my byline, but we’ve corrected that now, and you can read the complete work here: “A Brave New World of Social Impact Data.”
Check out Steve’s older piece, “Reimagining Value For A Post-Crisis Economy,” as well.
Steve is one of the many incredible speakers featured at the upcoming Social Capital Markets conference, being held in San Francisco at the beginning of September. In it’s second year, SoCap convenes innovators across the blended value space and works to demonstrate the ecosystem emerging around good capital. Check out their full schedule here.

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