David Kyle reports in

Kevin Jones July 7, 2009

David Kyle , former Acumen COO, sends regular emails about his new, Gray Ghost funded company , Indian School Finance Co. which invests in private schools for the poor in India. They continue to make progress and to refine their approach. He will be telling the story of his business at Socap, along with a couple of other private school, beyond MFI companies focused on the Base of the Pyramid. We’ll also be looking at water credit and some sustainable energy initiatives with the same aims.
Here is David’s report: Over the past three months, the ISFC continued to improve lending and increase the number of schools entering our portfolio each month. This brings us to a total of 86 schools financed since lending began in January, in a total of 58 loan transactions. Some of these were with multi-branch schools which we target because of their stronger growth prospects.
In the first six months of operation, ISFC

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