Mobile payments offer unbanked access to finance

Kevin Jones July 7, 2009

Swati Mylavarapu of Dalberg has written a good news and analysis piece for Business Daily Africa on the state of mobile payments in Kenya and across Africa.We’re working with Dalberg on some really exciting content for Socap, to be unveiled soon.
Whether it is a farmer in Kitale paying his supplier in Mombasa via M-Pesa, or a Nairobi teenager trading extra airtime for his matatu fare, it is hard to miss the potential of m-payments to improve financial services for most Kenyans.
The mobile phone is well positioned to become a mobile wallet, considering that nearly four out of 10 Kenyans have a mobile phone or access to one. And the dramatic growth of M-Pesa and other m-payment solutions suggests that shift is well under way.
Basic banking
Yet, Kenya

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