New markets, new trust

Kevin Jones July 6, 2009

New online markets for social enterprise investors are cropping up. EDA Capital Connect is one of the more interesting exchanges or match making platforms. The questions I have for them is how they establish trust, and how they make sure the co-investors are on track with what they want in terms of social impact, or at least that there’s enough overlap. And then the way those relationships change over time as the market conditions and results of the companies change will require a new level of management for any intermediary who wants to preserve its place in the middle. I took a look at their partners here .
When you are in the market at the intersection of money and meaning, there is more than money on the table between the playerss. There is who you are and what you want to accomplish in the world, your impact and your legacy are also valid and material elements in any deal. People are not used to being transparent about that and talking about it in the same terms and with conditions you traditionally attach in a deal.

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