New metrics make new money flow.

Kevin Jones July 8, 2009

We just secured a major piece of content for Socap that we’ve been working on for a while: It’s called From IRIS to GIIRS to new money"
"How market infrastructure funded by foundation dollars can help bridge the gap that large institutional players say keeps them from crossing over into serious impact investing. The nuts and bolts of the market mechanism, and a roadmap to new results. Andrew Kassoy from B Lab, Brad Pressner from Acumen by way of Google, Antony Bugg-Levine of Rockefeller, moderated by Margot Brandenburg. Mystery guests may be added later, conditions permitting."
IRIS and GIIRS are part of the new market infrastructure that Rockefeller has been funding. What this shows is that the new metrics, ratings, taxonomies, etc. are helping to make new money flow, that institutional funders are ready to move more deeply and seriously into investing for risk, return AND social and environmental impact. Impact investing is becoming an asset class. This development, along with the new marketplaces and online investor collaboration match making platforms that serve you up deals to work shows that the social capital market is gaining momentum. When you can afford new intermediaries, it means new money is in the room.
It’s going to be noisy, messy, uncoordinated innovation for a while, and that’s ok. Markets are messy. People squabble over definitions, terms and prices all from their own point of view. No single theory of change is going to dominate. There will be a full and articulate spectrum of voices, views, theories, prices and ways people compute value that, this time, will include values with value. It’s not the same old market that’s forming. It’s one where meaning and money intersect.

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