Joy Anderson, Criterion: The power of conversation, and Why I'm going to SOCAP09.

SOCAP Global August 22, 2009

by Kim Perkins

Joy Anderson

Joy Anderson

Joy Anderson is the president and founder of Criterion Ventures. Criterion, founded in 2002, is a firm that launches social ventures through internally developed projects and in partnership with clients. Joy is also well-known as one of the founding partners of Good Capital.
1) Where do you see your organizational fitting into the capital market spectrum?
At Criterion, we start social ventures. We start with looking at a complex social issue, play around in that, work on determining where the social venture lies in it, and then kick start it.
2) What do you hope to get out of SOCAP09?

I think of SOCAP as the place that celebrates and defines the social capital market, so I want to see the way the market has shifted from last year and see a new snapshot.
This year, I’m looking forward to the same level of energy as last year.

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