Kelly Ward, New Profit: The role of government, and Why I'm going to SOCAP09

SOCAP Global August 21, 2009

By Kim Perkins
Kelly Ward
Kelly Ward is the director of the American Forward initiative for New Profit, Inc. New Profit Inc. provides multi-year financial and strategic support to a portfolio of social entrepreneurs working the areas of education, youth development, and workforce development, among others. New Profit also sponsors initiatives that bring together social innovators from across multiple sectors to increase the impact of social entrepreneurship. One of these initiatives is America Forward, a non-partisan coalition with a mission of connecting the innovative work of social entrepreneurs with policymakers at the federal level.
1) Where do you see your organization fitting into the capital market spectrum?
New Profit is a nonprofit “venture philanthropy” fund that provides both financial capital and strategic support to a portfolio of innovative organizations to help them realize their full potential for social impact.

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