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Tamzin Ractliffe, Founder of GreaterGood South Africa Trust on Why She's Going to SOCAP and the Global Federation of Social Investment Exchange

SOCAP Global August 31, 2009

By Tamzin Ractliffe
Innovation in the social capital markets may be the best news of the current economic crisis. New associations of investors, new capital structures, progress on metrics and platforms for quality, accessible due diligence, transaction processing and reporting are all hallmarks of this moment of transformation in the social capital markets. All of this creativity marks a pivot point in the social capital economy. We do still face, however, the great challenge of connecting existing and emergent sources of capital from all points on the globe to those enterprises that show promise or proof of their ability to change lives for the better.

To meet this challenge, social investing exchanges, enterprise brokers, social enterprises, nonprofit analysts and financial intermediaries are emerging all over the globe

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