The Unreasonable Institute hosts "SOCAP Index In-depth" series

SOCAP Global September 17, 2009

SoCap teams up with the Unreasonable Institute to Create an Extensive Taxonomy of Impact Investors.

SOCAP is pleased to announce that this week marks the beginning of a journey dedicated to the indexing, m apping, cataloging, interviewing and profiling of the most innovative investors & social entrepreneurs in the wo rld . The conference this year made us realize that the SoCap network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors is unprecedented and we are determined to make certain that we provide each of you with informative, original, and actionable content over the next 12 months. SOCAP welcomes the Unreasonable Institute , an organization that has demonstrated a keen interested in learning, researching, and cultivating the Social Capital Market space to help lead the charge.

Over the course of the next year SoCap and the Unreasonable Institute will be interviewing the most innovative investors and high-impact social entrepreneurs from within the SoCap network .  Thursday of each week we will post a new blog complete with a video interview as well as a profile of a brilliant investor or an “unreasonable” entrepreneur.   The ultimate goal of these blog posts and interviews will be to create a truly comprehensive mapping and cataloging of high-impact investors and innovators and to look into what ingredients leads to significant impact as well as healthy returns.  Just as the field of Mineralogy is dedicated to deeply understanding the formation process, these taxonomic blogs will deal with the description, classification, and exploration of the impact-investor space. We are convinced that these interviews will be highly valuable to the SOCAP network and are excited to watch the mapping of this landscape come to fruition.

The first blog post will be released this evening, September 17th .  Teju Ravilochan, Co-Founder & Connections Extraordinaire of the Unreasonable Institute will be profiling Innosight Ventures and interviewing Elnor Rozenrot, a Venture Director of the fund. Innosight Ventures is a unique investment fund that incubates and funds ventures that fit the patterns of disruptive innovation .  Aside from exploring the incredible investments and history of the fund, and looking deeply into their model, Teju will be video recording an interview asking some very informative questions.

In the months that ensue, we will provide one blog post/interview per week.  The first and third Thursdays of each month will be dedicated to interviewing and mapping the most brilliant investors in the field.  The second and fourth Thursdays will be focused on examining and profiling brilliant entrepreneurs.   Needless to say, this is going to be a fascinating endeavor.  If you are interested in being amongst the select few interviewed, please contact Teju Ravilochan at [email protected] .

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