At the intersection of Green and Social Business: #SOCAP09 at the GreenFest Tweetup this Friday 2pm!

Allen Tan November 12, 2009

The SF Green Festival is taking place this weekend, and there will be a Twitter chat hosted at the event.  There will be a good discussion about the future of sustainability, and the role of social media and social capital in helping make a green future possible. We’re interested in the overlap of green and social business.  The hashtag is #GreenFest and #SOCAP, and it will take place on Fridayday, 2 PM.
Topics for you to think about and discuss:

  • Placing transparency at the heart of new institutions and startups
  • Creating meaning from change: make it personal, make it local
  • Role of social ventures in bringing cheap, innovative, & sustainable solutions to a mass audience
  • Differences in designing and funding for sustainable projects in developed vs. developing areas (awareness and appreciation, practicality, availability of metrics)
  • Facilitating collaboration between startups, and the value of meetups
  • Common roadblocks shared by green & social businesses
  • Ways green and social business can support one another
  • Current organizations supporting both green and social issues

If you’re interested, here’s the link on Tweetvite.  We suggest Twitterfall as method keeping tabs on realtime tweets.

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