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Be a Part of the SoCap Blog Roundup!

Jessica Margolin November 14, 2009

What’s a “Blog Roundup”? It allows bloggers from a wide variety of perspectives to coordinate around a single topic.
Each month, we’ll have a new Blog Roundup. The first topic is inspired by Thanksgiving, which is a North American secular holiday where friends and family come together and express gratitude.
For November, it’s time to tell the tale:

Is there a specific sponsor, or a collaborator, or a member of your family, or someone else who came through or stepped up so profoundly that you want to share the story of why you’re so grateful?  It’s yet another opportunity to shine a spotlight on someone within your own community and explain exactly how much you appreciate their involvement!

The rules are very simple

  1. 1. Write your post
  2. 2. Use two hashtags at the end of your post: #socap and, for November’s post only: #thankful.
  3. 3. There is no deadline to each month, but it’s best to get your blog post up within the month if you can.

If you have ideas you’d like us to consider as Blog Roundup topics, please let us know. You can tweet @kitode, @socap, or add a comment.

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