Interview with Criterion Ventures Founder: Legal Structures for Social Ventures

Daniel Epstein January 29, 2010

For social enterprises persistently searching for creative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, legal structure often seems more of a hindrance than a help. The law does not yet seem prepared for a new breed of ventures who mix business and impact and social ventures suffer for it. But worry not! Criterion Ventures, which launches, incubates, and scales social ventures that create a better world, has deployed something called Structure Labs. Structure Labs provides social ventures the opportunity to explore available legal structures, empowering them to navigate complex legal frameworks to find the legal structure that makes their desired impact possible. Criterion Ventures Founder and President Joy Anderson was kind enough to chat with me over Skype and tell me all about Structure Labs. To be frank, I’d never been so excited to discuss about legal frameworks. Check it out!

Video Interview Table of Contents:

  1. What is Structure Labs? (0:01-2:09)
  2. What would my experience be like if I came to Structure Labs? (2:10-4:14)
  3. Why should I come to Structure Labs instead of going to a lawyer? (4:15-7:39)
  4. What is the greatest legal need of the social enterprise space? (7:40-8:35)
  5. What advice do you have for aspiring social entrepreneurs? (8:36-10:56)

Many thanks to Joy Anderson for filling us in on Structure Labs! Learn more at

written by: Teju Ravilochan (Unreasonable Institute)

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