Sister Cities of SOCAP

Margaret McGovern December 1, 2010
Amsterdam and San Francisco have much in common: both founded as bustling multicultural ports of call, a sense of enterprise and possibility, merchant towns with a feel for beauty.  And a healthy regard for fun.
Sounds to me like a SOCAP conference.
So we kickoff SOCAPEurope in Amsterdam, at the sight of the original Beurs van Berlage, where the first stock was issued for the first multinational company, and we will bring the best of SOCAP over the pond.  And we are going to start by listening.
In January, Kevin, Frank and I are going to on a 6 city ‘SoCap Listening Tour,’
convening small groups of SOCAP alums and social capital practioners to understand the nuances and the needs of building the social capital marketplace here in Europe.   We’ll be reporting from the road, from (in addition to Holland) Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and England.
I have two passports (Irish and American), and two hometowns (San Francisco of birth and Amsterdam of marriage and heart) I grew up in a house that was 30 years old, and now live in a home that is 350 years old. I am almost 12 years in Europe, but need California’s skies every three months. (And I have just broken every Dutch rule about modesty by using I so often in this paragraph.) So let’s switch to we. We are ALL going to co-create this conference, with a sense of the multicultural enterprise possibility and beauty that bind the two sister cities of its birth.
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