SOCAP May 27, 2011

Thank you for your support of SOCAP/Europe. Over 600 attendees will represent 50+ countries at the intersection of money and meaning in Amsterdam next week.
Quick SOCAP/Europe Attendee Facts:

  • Location 600+ attendees, 50+ countries, 6 continents
  • Vocation 28% entrepreneurs, 20% investors, 14% Non-Profit, 8.5% for profit social enterprise staff, 30% remaining include: corporate, foundations, wealth management, government, media and more.
  • Area of Expertise Top rated includes business strategy, finance, management, development & fundraising and social impact assessment.
  • Primary Areas of Interest Top rated includes: impact investing, social enterprise, international development, green & clean tech, microfinance & financial inclusion, energy, agriculture and food systems, community, fair-trade and organic products, capacity building and infrastructure, education & youth, philanthropy, and  mobile & digital inclusion(out of 23 categories).
  • Primary Goal for SOCAP/Europe Top rated includes: To network with like-minded individuals, seeking partnership, to be educated about the social capital markets, to learn new approaches to problem solving & innovation, seeking funding (out of 10 categories).
Impact Investing
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