Attending SOCAP11? Don’t Forget to Join the SOCAP11 Online Network!

SOCAP Global August 27, 2011
*This guest blog post is by Peter Dietz. Peter is the former founder and director of Social Actions and Managing Editor of He has participated in SOCAP since it’s inception in 2008, coordinating social media efforts.

In just over a week, more than 1,000 professionals helping to build the social capital marketplace will converge on the Fort Mason Center for the 4th annual Social Capital Markets conference.

This year, attendees have a robust online network to use as they select sessions to attend and identify people they want to meet. Pathable is one of the industry’s leading online tools for connecting the participants of offline events.
In addition to the typical features of a social network (profiles, contacts, discussions),  the SOCAP11 Online Network powered by Pathable has some extra bells and whistles.
Below are a few of the unique features built into the platform…

  1. Indicate which sessions you’ll be attending – As a registered user, you can RSVP for specific sessions, and filter the sessions you plan to attend by color-coded track names.
  2. Request meetings with other attendees – As a registered user, you can request a meeting and receive meeting requests without giving out your contact information prior to confirming a meeting.
  3. Identify SOCAP11 attendees who you are already connected with on Twitter and LinkedIn -By providing the SOCAP11 Online Network with your Twitter and LinkedIn usernames, you can automatically identify people within your network who are also attending SOCAP11.
  4. Find other attendees based on their interests – The SOCAP11 Online Network crunches stats on who’s attending and allows anyone (registered or not) to browse the full list of attendees who have created profiles by interest area, profession, location, and conference goals.

These are just a few of the features available to registered users of the SOCAP11 Online Network. Make sure to create a profile, and get a head start on making the most of your SOCAP11 experience.

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