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Global Innovation Jam: The Future of Impact Investing, Oct. 4th-7th

SOCAP September 28, 2011

Do you care about investing? Impact Investing? Small-businesses, crowd funding, tribe-funding, alternative currencies, relationship currencies – basically anything that has to do with using capital to change the world for the better?
Then please share your ideas, questions, hopes, fears, and dreams for what the world can look like in 2020, and how we can activate networks at a global level to accelerate our drive for resiliency and regenerative economies.
October 4th – 7th we are having a global innovation jam – we have innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, government, civil society and cultural creatives from Sweden, Hong Kong, The UK, Canada, and the US starting a conversation with the following 3 questions:
1. How can traditional investing incorporate the power of impact?
2. What will the impact investing community look like in 2020?
3. How can our global community best work to amplify the change we are creating in the world?
If you want the chance to participate, register before October 3rd at 10PM, the innovation jam is entirely online with our innovative platform partner DiscoveryCast- this is a secure conversation platform that anonymizes the users, and facilitates a living conversation online. Log into the platform before you log into Facebook for 4 days – catch up on the conversation, add your brilliance and your vulnerabilities and lets see what kind of future we can create.
Also — If you know anyone from traditional finance or corporate culture who is interested in Impact Investing – please tell them about this event. It will be a unique opportunity to tap a global pool of experts and share their insights. We must grow the conversation beyond the “like-minded” only framework – so please help anyway you can.
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