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The Archiblox Home is Better Than Carbon Neutral

Meghan French Dunbar October 4, 2015


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Employees: 60

Founded: 2008

Business Type: Architecture Designer and Builder

In Short: Archiblox designs and builds carbon positive buildings that produce more energy on-site than they require.

What if your home or office building went beyond doing “less bad” and actually did some good for the world? Melbourne, Australia-based architecture designer and builder Archiblox is addressing this question head-on with the world’s first prefabricated, carbon positive home. The firm’s buildings are able to produce more energy on-site than they consume, and can be designed, built, and delivered to you (if you live in Australia) in a 12- to 28-week time frame. The company’s unique model is demonstrating that prefabricated modular architecture is a viable alternative to traditional construction methods, and that its speed and efficiency saves people time, money, and stress. The firm has intentions to branch out internationally in the future with its designs and bring this revolutionary building style to other countries.

Multipurpose Joinery – Functions as desk, shelving, ladder, bed, storage.

Open plan kitchen, living, and dining area. Plywood is VOC and formaldehyde free.


The carbon positive home comes equipped with in-ground “cool tubes” to help cool the building, sliding edible garden walls, and a green roof. It is made with sustainable materials and built to be airtight for energy efficiency purposes. Built with a passive solar design, the buildings include energy-efficient appliances and water-efficient taps and fixtures.

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