Four Sustainable Food Subscription Services That Could Change How You Eat

Meghan French Dunbar January 5, 2016

Hungry Harvest

Location: Baltimore, MD

The Gist: A weekly subscription service that gathers produce that would otherwise be thrown out for cosmetic reasons or because of oversupply and delivers it to subscribers at a reduced cost. For every bag delivered, a meal is donated to someone in need.*

*currently only available in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and surrounding areas, with plans to expand to New York City


Location: Boulder, CO

The Gist: A monthly subscription service that delivers artisan dry soup mixes directly to subscribers’ homes to encourage family meals and dialogue over healthy food. For every box delivered, a donation is made to a rotating food-based charity of the month.

Photo: Uli Westphal/Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce

Location: San Francisco, CA

The Gist: A weekly subscription service that collects “ugly” produce — the fruits and vegetables that are typically discarded by farmers — and delivers them to subscribers’ doorsteps at a discount to retail prices.*

*currently only available in San Francisco and the Bay Area


Location: State College, PA

The Gist: The GardenBox monthly subscription service delivers a tray of pre-seeded microgreens, which can be grown indoors in two weeks, directly to subscribers’ homes.

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