4 Women’s Powerful Secrets for Nailing That Big Meeting

Rachel Zurer July 5, 2016
“I like to be over-prepared. I really like to write out a script, even though I usually end up not using it. The best thing I learned preparing for my TED Talk was instead of thinking that you have to provide something to the audience, think that you’re giving the audience a gift. Your participation and your talk is this gift that you’re bestowing on them, whether you’re going up for a big pitch, or a big speech, or a big meeting.”

— Anya Cherneff, Empower Generation

 “It’s just a little natural nervousness that I go through, but I write out the entire presentation. I seek out quotes and inspirational words from other people and listen to music. It’s a lot of word-inspiring but they also help me prepare.”

– Jen Hidinger, Staplehouse and The Giving Kitchen

 “Remember, people in the audience want to see you succeed. If you come with a sense of joy and excitement about what you do, that will be infectious. Even if you mess up, your sense of joy and fun when you’re up there will be communicated to the audience. That’s really what projects confidence and what will make them want to come talk to you and work with you.”

— Dawn Lippert, Energy Excelerator

 “Always try to empathize with who it is that you’re talking to. What is it that you think they’ll be trying to get out of the discussion with you and what would their worries be; then try to pre-empt them.

You don’t always get it right because you can’t always know everything about your clients. You can only do what you can do and feel, ‘I did the best I could and if they don’t like us, well, that’s fine. Then there’s probably a good reason why they don’t like us and we’re not for them.’ You just have to put it down to experience.”

— Sarah Wigglesworth, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

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