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Looking for a Meaningful Career Change? Here Are 10 Resources for Finding a High-Impact Job

Paul Bates August 21, 2019

When you’re interested in ethics and governance, renewable energy, global health and poverty, education, or human rights, finding the right global-impact job can be a daunting task. Here are some tips for snagging the right position for you.

1. Net Impact

There are a handful of organizations and platforms that help job-seekers find high-impact positions. One such organization is Net Impact, an organization that attracts emerging leaders and qualified applicants to use their skills and knowledge to contribute to social and environmental change. The conference is accompanied by a jobs board that provides a wide array of career opportunities at different levels. “The use of peers and networking has been cited as the most reliable way of identifying job opportunities, since many social impact jobs are never advertised to the general public,” says Jessica Payton, HR Director at Dissertation Writing Service and ConfidentWriters. .

2. NextBillion

NextBillion is a community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGO managers, policy makers, academics, and others exploring the connection between development and enterprise. NextBillion’s jobs “provide emerging-market solution trends to the eradication of poverty and inequality in an effort of benefiting the world’s four billion low-income producers and consumers.” The company website’s career center provides an updated list of job opportunities that drive poverty reduction and enhance development via social enterprise market sector.

3. Escape the City

Escape the City is a London-based organization that not only provides various job opportunities but also flexible three-month part-time programs to enhance startup and career development. The website’s user interface facilitates the search of jobs using different parameters such as location, salary, and the required experience level.

4. Green Jobs Network

Green Jobs Network is a global job-listing board that focuses on roles in renewable energy sectors including environmental planning, research, and education.

5. Co-Impact

Co-Impact is a nonprofit organization that provides a collaborative platform which focuses on social change. Besides job listings, the platform regularly shares events and educational content in their magazines. The platform provides a partnership with various content producers to impact social change through their respective informational and educative content.

6. Tbd* is a community that provides an avenue for people to make impactful change in the world by leveraging their own careers,” notes Jeff Gordon, Career Specialist at Paper-Research and BeeStudent.

7. Devex Jobs Board

The Devex Jobs Board is a media and news platform that provides trends in industries that drive global development. Apart from the immense jobs board, Devex also provides sound career advice.

8. Global Impact Investment Network

The Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) provides a jobs board from its member organizations, as well as other leaders that focus on impact investing.

9. BSR

BSR is a nonprofit organization that leverages its network of companies and other partners to develop an equitable and sustainable world. The website offers a jobs board comprised of roles with their member organizations.

10. Bond

Bond provides an updated list of global philanthropic and non-governmental organization jobs in the United Kingdom and internationally. The social enterprise alliance provides an avenue for companies to subscribe in their network and, in turn, help to provide the job listings for the respective companies that subscribe to their network.

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