SOCAP22 Is Back in Person: Join Us at the Impact Movement's Flagship Event

October 17-20, 2022
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
San Francisco

SOCAP convenes the largest and most diverse impact investing community in the world. For more than 15 years, the SOCAP conference has been the flagship event and leading convener in the impact economy, gathering more than 100,000 people since our first event. This is the largest, action-oriented gathering where investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders come together to accelerate progress against the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions.

For the first time since 2019, SOCAP22 will be back in person, Oct.17 – 20 in San Francisco! So much has changed since we last gathered — including the urgency with which we must act. SOCAP22 is for attendees ready to dig in to help move us more urgently toward radical collaboration, recognizing that we need each other to resist and repair global injustices, address the climate crisis, and build better systems for all. We will lift up ways of thinking that inspire sustained action and offer approaches to working together as we’ve never worked together before as we rise to the occasion to transform intersecting systems.

We are at a precipice in impact, and we need to urgently accelerate the boldest, brightest ideas to put capital to work solving the world’s biggest problems. It’s time to demand and create the changes our world requires to allow all people and the planet not just to survive but thrive. SOCAP22 intends to help everyone work together to take the Moments of the last three years and turn them into sustained, resilient, impactful Movements — together.

Join Us at SOCAP22 in Downtown San Francisco!

We’re hosting SOCAP22 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), Oct.17 -20. We chose YBCA for many reasons, including its accessibility. The center is located in the heart of San Francisco in close proximity to hotels, restaurants, and dozens of cultural attractions. Nearby public transportation makes it easy to get around and take advantage of extending conversations over nearby lunch or dinner.

YBCA was founded as the cultural anchor of San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood and is adjacent to the public gardens, a serene oasis in the middle of the bustle of downtown. Recognized as San Francisco’s center for art and progress, YBCA’s mission is to generate culture that moves people. We look forward to hosting SOCAP22 at a venue that supports our ideals and are eagerly anticipating the ideas and action it inspires.


YBCA Image Credits
YBCA Interior – Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2021. Courtesy Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Photographs by Charlie Villyard. love @ first line – Anna Sergeeva, love @ first line, 2021, installation view, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2021. Courtesy Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Photographs by Charlie Villyard. The Monument As Living Memory – My-Linh Le & Jeffrey Yip, The Origin of No Name, 2021 as part of Caleb Duarte’s The Monument As Living Memory, 2020-2021, installation view, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2021. Courtesy Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Photographs by Tommy Lau.









What to Expect at SOCAP22

We’re curating the SOCAP22 content and schedule to have fewer concurrent sessions and more interactive content. Attendees will have more time to focus on the issues that matter most. We’ll have big conversations causing us to ask different questions and tactical conversations that open space for the wisdom of the crowd. Up to half of the event’s content will be sourced through our SOCAP Open program, where we seek submissions and input through a voting process from the community to guide many of the event sessions.


Expect sessions that ask and seek answers to:

How can we move beyond silos to recognize connections in new ways?

How can we work in more coordinated ways with more people?

What different operating modalities need to be accepted and embraced?

How will we design for more positive outcomes for all people and the planet?

Come ready to get unboxed, get interactive, and unleash your creativity.


Meet the SOCAP22 Scholarship Entrepreneur Cohort

The return to an in-person SOCAP conference also means the return of on-site activities for the entrepreneurs selected for the SOCAP22 Entrepreneur Program. Through this annual program, SOCAP grants scholarships to entrepreneurs from all over the globe — and this year’s winners were selected from a record number of applicants. We also will be featuring 13 entrepreneurs who have been sponsored by the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship to join the cohort and be spotlighted with individual pitch sessions at SOCAP22. Get to know the entrepreneurs who will be on stage at SOCAP22!

Moments to Movements SOCAP22 Graphic

SOCAP22 Themes: Moments to Movements

The COVID-19 pandemic, the racial reckoning triggered by the murder of George Floyd, global conflicts, an urgent climate crisis, and other seismic events in the last few years have shown us the interconnectedness of our global systems and proved that capital decision-makers must move faster. And we must do more to support nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and other ecosystem players working hard to meet the urgent needs of communities and pave our path to a better way.  The lines have brightened between what matters and what doesn’t as we more clearly see the interconnectedness between health care, education, the digital divide, racial inequality, childcare, and supply chains.

But seeing these links alone is not enough. While we now more fully recognize this interconnectedness, we have yet to make the necessary changes to act interdependently, with the required urgency and with hope. 

Our approach to the themes for SOCAP22 is to move us more urgently toward radical collaboration, recognizing that we need each other to resist and repair global injustices, address the climate crisis, and build better systems for all. The content curation process will focus on lifting up ways of thinking that inspire sustained action and offer approaches to working together like we’ve never worked together before, as we rise to the occasion to transform intersecting systems. It’s time to demand and create the changes our world requires to allow all people and the planet to not just survive, but thrive.

This year, we’re organizing around cross-cutting themes that need to be top of mind for people in the impact economy as we design our collective work together.

Justice graphic: Moments to Movements theme icon


Exclusive Track Partner: 

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We intrinsically know when we see injustice. It is harder to define justice, and it’s even harder to translate that definition into something that we can hold ourselves accountable to. This year, we want to hear your perspectives on what justice means. How is that vision of justice shaping your organization’s programs, structures, and ways of working, alongside the positive outcomes you imagine in a more equitable world? What needs to be named and owned in your work to move toward repair and equity? How can we raise the floor and not just the ceiling? What are you doing to normalize justice?

Accountability icon: Moments to Movements theme


Since 2007, when the term impact investing was coined, billions of dollars have poured into private markets, and trillions into public markets, but the world is literally still burning. Global racial and gender income/wealth gaps persist. How are you thinking about impact measurement and transparent reporting differently than you were two years ago? What new impact measurement strategies are you considering? What lessons have you learned to help you improve and evolve?  How are your stakeholders responding to your actions? What positive outcomes can you report? How are you increasing transparency and staying true to your own mission, stated values, public pledges and commitments?

Power and Capital icon: Moments to Movements theme

Power and Capital

Too often, people controlling capital have the most power in decisions, even though they are often the least affected by those decisions. How are you designing feedback loops to incorporate the direct experience or lived wisdom of people most affected by the impact of capital decisions? How do you define your stakeholders today? Who are you most accountable to and why? What mechanisms are you using to understand power dynamics? Are new structures needed to facilitate more shifts in power? Who are you learning from and what resources do you need to be able to make power shifts happen to create true inclusion?

Reimagine Systems icon: Moments to Movements theme

Reimagine Systems

In this context, reimagining means liberation from default patterns and biases that perpetuate harm and prevent us from creating alternative systems — whether the final result is returning to ideas of our ancestors or unleashing creativity toward new products, new services, new solutions, and new markets. How are organizations going further to examine and free themselves from what stands in the way of big change? What organizational and public policies — from investing guidelines to laws — are you working to undo, remake, or reimagine? What could new alternative structures look like that haven’t been invented yet? From artificial intelligence to web 3.0, how is reimagination shaping our world today? And what should social entrepreneurs and impact investors be thinking about as technology outpaces regulation — and risks exacerbate digital divides? How might we think about risk, norms, structures, and technology in a liberated way?

Accelerate Climate Action icon: Moments to Movements theme

 Accelerate Climate Action

We need to act. Now. Yesterday. Every government, every industry, every organization needs a climate strategy. What is yours? How are you thinking about climate action in this interconnected context? How do we support emerging technologies and young leaders willing and able to take on the complexities of climate change? How can we accelerate the energy transition? What does resilience and disaster relief need to look like to protect communities and cultures for the future? Growth at all costs has taken its toll, we need restoration and regeneration for community and planetary survival.

Deliver Equity and Inclusion ICON: MOMENTS TO MOVEMENTS THEME

Deliver Equity and Inclusion

Exclusive Track Partner:  

To build an economy centered on equity,

justice, inclusion, and impact, we need to continue to address racism and decolonize economic structures. How are we characterizing risk today, and how are organizations going further to examine and free themselves from what stands in the way of significant change? How do we go further to tear down the barriers that keep us from the structural changes needed? How are field-builders aggregating data to help us collectively track progress? Or in some cases disaggregating data? Who needs to be seen, heard, and centered as we design the next normal? Where is recompense required for past injustice and oppression? How can we get into right relationship with each other, in solidarity for systems change? What positive outcomes can you imagine in a more equitable world?


Advance Democracy icon: Movements to Movements Theme

Advance Democracy

Democracy is precious — and it is under threat globally. It is one of the greatest social experiments and expressions of collective action. When done right, it gives a voice to its stakeholders and can move more people toward liberation. How are your actions supporting resilient democratic systems that do not break when threatened? How are we dismantling codified oppressions and removing barriers to participation? When the rules that govern us prevent us from doing the right thing, how can we work together to change the rules by harnessing the power of democratic processes?




Our gratitude to Halloran Philanthropies for being the pilot partner to our equity fund, and for allowing us to provide complimentary tickets to our speakers.


Olabayo Allen-Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Impact Experience

Lindsay Androski

Founder & CEO

Roivant Social Ventures

Jaynemarie Angbah

Director, Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) Change Learning Journey

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Myra Arshad



Roslyn Artis

President & CEO

Benedict College

Jennifer Astone


Integrated Capital Investing

Binta Ayofemi



Sara Bahat

Interim CEO


Daniel Barker

Managing Director


Timothy Baylor

Chief Manager

JADT Development Group, LLC

Zuleyma Bebell

Founder & CEO

Impact Alpha

Cheryl Beninga



Arielle Berghammer-Ziegler

UNLEASH Plus Program Lead & Senior Specialist for Innovation & Investment

Chemonics | UNLEASH

Eric Berlow


Vibrant Data Labs

Matthew Bishop

Senior Fellow

Sorenson Impact Center

Fred Blackwell

Chief Executive Officer

San Francisco Foundation

Batya Blankers

CEO & Co-Founder

Chancen International

Demetre Booker

Founder & Managing Partner

Elevate Commercial

Allison Boxer

Managing Director

Sorenson Impact Center

Tynesia Boyea-Robinson

President and CEO


Margot Brandenburg

Senior Program Officer

Ford Foundation

Pablo Bravo

System Vice President Community Health

Dignity Health/CommonSpirt Health

William Burckart


Colorful Capital

Noramay Cadena

Managing Partner

Supply Change Capital

Myla Calhoun

Division VP

Alabama Power

Sophia Carey

Senior Program Manager, Chicago Recovery Plan

City of Chicago Corporate Bank Representative

Gloria Castillo

Executive Director

We Rise Together for an Equitable and Just Recovery

Alejandra Castillo

U.S. Assistant Secretary

U.S. Economic Development Administration

Aarti Chandna


Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

Anthony Chang


Manzanita Capital Collective

Nelly Chatue Diop



Delton Chen

Project Director & Founder

Global Carbon Reward

Jim Chowdry

SRI Advisor


Adrienne Chuck

Manager of Workforce Development

San Diego Workforce Partnership

José Cisneros

San Francisco Treasurer at City and County of San Francisco

CCSF - Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector

Cathy Clark

Faculty Director

Duke University



South Central Youth Leadership Coalition

Tara Colton

Executive Vice President for Economic Security

New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA)

Stephanie Copeland

Managing Partner

Four Points Funding

Amy Cortese

Senior Editor


Jeffrey Cyr

Managing Partner

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Byran Dai

Co-Founder & CEO


Charlotte Dales



Fay Darmawi

Founder and Executive Director

SF Urban Film Fest

Geoff Davis


Sorenson Impact Center

Stephen DeBerry

Founder & Managing Partner


AJ DeLeon



John Denniston

Executive Chair


Brian Dixon

Managing Partner

Kapor Capital

[email protected]

Managing Partner


Liz Dozier

Founder & CEO

Chicago Beyond

Janis Dubno

Managing Director, Impact Finance

Sorenson Impact Center

Thibault Duchemin



Erin Duddy


Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth, North America

Jason Eaves


Discovered Markets

Jake Edwards

Vice President, Impact Investments

Social Finance

Kevin Edwards

General Manager

Real Leaders

Kate Finn

Executive Director

First Peoples Worldwide

Alex Flachsbart

Founder & CEO

Opportunity Alabama

Aria Florant

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Liberation Ventures

Willy Foote

Founder & CEO

Root Capital

Kerri Folmer

Managing Director, Monitor Institute by Deloitte


Ghian Foreman

President and CEO

Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative

Cecilia Foxworthy


Agora Partnerships

Stacey Fruitman


Style with Substance Ventures

Claire Gagne



Camilo Andres Galvis Barrera

Chief Executive Officer

Imperative Advisors, LLC

Mary Beth Gallagher

Director of Engagement

Domini Impact Investments

Natasha Garcha

Senior Director, Innovative Finance and Gender-Lens Investing Specialist


Yusuf George

Managing Director

Engine No. 1

Eric Glass

Advisor & Impact Investor

Justice Capital

Steven Glickman

Founder & CEO

Develop Advisors

Jaime Gloshay


Native Women Lead

Reem Goussous

Chief Growth Officer

Village Capital

Lauren Grattan

Chief Community Officer

Mission Driven Finance

Richard Greenberg

Managing Director, Social Enterprise Finance

U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)

Brigit Helms

Executive Director

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship - Santa Clara University

Ida Hempel


Galvanize Climate Solutions

Christina Hollenback


Justice Capital

Eric Horvath

Director of Capital Strategies

Common Future

Ander Iruretgoyena


The Impact Engine

Eldra Jackson III

Co-Executive Director

Inside Circle

Alicia John-Baptiste

President & CEO


Jasmine Jones


Abundance Movement

Veronica Johnson

Executive Director

Alabama Justice Initiative

Maha Jweied

Chief Strategy Officer

Responsible Business Initiative for Justice

Megan Kashner

Co-Founder | Professor

Colorful Capital | Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern Univ.

Sarah Keh

Vice President, Inclusive Solutions

Prudential Financial

Yigal Kerszenbaum

Managing Director

Employment Technology Fund @ JFFLabs

Ayesha Khanna

Managing Director

CARE Enterprises

Valarie King-Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

OnShore Technology Group

Regina ("Gina") Kline

Founder and Managing Partner


John Kohler

Executive Fellow and Director of Impact Capital Innovation

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University

Joanna Kuang

VP of Product Development and Impact

Illumen Capital

Gregory Landua

Chief Executive Officer

Regen Network Development, Inc

Joan Larrea


Convergence Blended Finance

Michelle Lee

Co-founder and CTO


Todd Leverette

Co-founder & Partner

Apis & Heritage Capital Partners

Ted Levinson


Beneficial Returns

Stephen Liberatore

Managing Director/Head of ESG/Impact - Global Fixed Income


Mariah Lichtenstern Lichtenstern

Founding Partner

DiverseCity Ventures

Laurence Lien


Asia Philanthropy Circle

Anastasiya Litvinova


Palladium Impact Capital

Shamia Lodge


CEO Action Racial Equity (MassMutual)

Rosario Londono


One4one accelerator

Juan Lozano

Founder & CEO


Kyle Lukianuk

Managing Director, Impact Investing


Peter Lupoff


Net Impact

Andy McMahon



Leila Makarechi

Chief Business Officer

Merit America

Alicia Maitland

Senior Associate


Sergio Marrero

Managing Director

Blue Ridge [email protected] Hood

Alan Martinez

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

Jordan Martinez-Mazurek

Founding Member

Canopy Movement Consulting, LLC

Jessica Matthews

Global Head of Sustainable Investing, Private Bank

J.P. Morgan

Adam Maxwell

Founder & CEO

Voyage Foods

Ben McAdams

Senior Fellow

Sorenson Impact

Michael McAfee

CEO & President


Jake McKinstry


Spectrum Development Solutions

Deldep Medina

Executive Director

Black & Brown Founders

Kwasi Mitchell

Chief Purpose Officer


Abdulkarim Mohamed

Head of Education, East Africa


Kindra Mohr

Financial Services and Human Rights Manager


Maia Monell

Founding Partner

MoDa Partners

Alfredo Montoya



Toran X. Moore



Karla Mora

Founder & Managing Partner

Alante Capital

Sandra Moore

Managing Director and Chief Impact Officer

Advantage Capital

Tei Mukunya

Co-Founder & Executive Director - Nutrition Solutions Africa

NatureLock Foods

Patrick Mullen

Director of Opportunity Zone Planning and Implementation

Utah Association of Counties

Richard Muller

Senior Advisor and Peer Leader, Impact United


Lucretia Murphy

Director of the Center for Justice and Economic Advancement

Jobs for the Future

Kate Murray

Director, Impact


Scott Nance

Vice President, Impact Investing

Fidelity Charitable

Sandhya Nakhasi

Executive Director

Community Credit Lab

Rehana Nathoo

Founder & CEO

Spectrum Impact

Eliot Nelson


Wayside Prezs

Jenna Nicholas


Impact Experience

Lolita Nunn

Director of Program and Investor Relations

Potlikker Capital

A Jay Nwachu

Innovation Works and Ignite Capital

President and CEO

Ezinne Nwankwo

Board Member

Black in AI

Carmen Palafox

Founding Partner

2045 ventures

Jason Palmer

General Partner

New Markets Education Partners

Evan Paul

Senior Director, Product Impact


Nijeul X. Porter



Tanya Odom

Equity & Inclusion Program Director

Walton Family Foundation

Veronica Olazabal

Chief Impact and Evaluation Officer

The BHP Foundation

Ken Oliver

Executive Director of Corporate Social Responsibility


Andrea Phillips

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Maycomb Capital

Benjamin Prinz

Managing Partner

Asili Agriculture

Caroline Pugh


8090 Partners

Nasir Qadree

Founder & Managing Partner

Zeal Capital Partners

Rex Raimond


Transformational Investing in Food Systems

Pratap Raju

Founding Partner

Climate Collective Foundation

Nirvaan Ranganathan

Program Manager

Climate Collective

Timothy Rann

Managing Partner

Mercy Corps Ventures

Elaine Rasmussen


Social Impact Strategies Group

Darryl Ratcliff


Gossypion Investments

Keneshia Raymond

Director of Programs & Access to Capital

Startup Tucson

Cathy Reines

President & CEO

Koz Development

Natalie Reitman-White

Ownership & Governance Design Advisor

Alternative Ownership Advisors

Adesuwa Rhodes

Founder & CEO

Aruwa Capital Management

Serena Rivera-Korver


Ulu Ventures

Patrick Robinson

Founder & CEO

Paskho Inc.

Havell Rodrigues

Founding Partner

New Majority Capital

Christopher Roll

Accelerating Environmental Sustainability Leader


Paul Ryan

Deputy Executive Director

Funders' Committee for Civic Participation

Juan Saldana


P3 Markets

Joseph Scantlebury

President & CEO

Living Cities

Matt Schaar


Accion Venture Lab

Fran Seegull


U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

Jake Segal


Social Finance

Lauren Sercu

Partner, Sorenson Impact Funds

CIO, Sorenson Impact Foundation

Erika Seth Davies


Rhia Ventures

Valerie Shen

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

G2 Venture Partners

Meera Siva

Shelter Venture Fund Director

Shelter Venture Fund Director, Habitat for humanity International, Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Housing

Lindsay Smalling

Head of Sales

60 Decibels

Jim Sorenson

President, Sorenson Impact Foundation

Founder, Sorenson Impact Group

Luke Sorenson

Partner & CEO

Sorenson Impact Group

Aarthi Sowrirajan

Senior Portfolio Manager - BlackRock Impact Opportunities (BIO) Fund


Keith Spears

General Partner

Include Ventures

Joseph Spence

Francesca Spoerry

Head of Training & Partnerships

The Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

Pete Stavros

Partner & Co-Head of Americas Private Equity


Justin Steele

Director, Americas

Julia Strong

Head of Business Development


Tia Subramanian

Gender-Based Violence Program Director

Criterion Institute

Carol Tan

Director, Policy & Coalitions

The Rockefeller Foundation

Martin Tan


The Majurity Trust

Reuben Teague

Executive Director, Impact and Responsible Investments

PGIM Real Estate

Kandace Thomas

Sydney Thomas

Founder & General Partner

Impressionism Capital

Melissa Tickle

Investment Manager

FINCA Ventures

Jenny Toomey

International Program Director, Technology and Society

Ford Foundation

Jonathan Tower

Managing Partner

Arctaris Impact Investors

Tom Uhlman

Founder and Managing Partner

New Venture Partners

Josefina Uranga

Graduate Research Assistant

Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

Clyde Valentin

Co-Artistic Director

One Nation/One Project

Casey van der Stricht


MIT Solve

Hilda Vega

Director of Philanthropic Practice

Hispanics in Philanthropy

Miljana Vujosevic

Founder & CEO

Next Wheel Consulting

Christopher Wayne

Associate Director, Investing in Agriculture


Aaron Walker

CEO | Founder

Camelback Ventures | Ruthless for Good

Andrew Wallace



Erica Washington

Founder + Partner

ClarkeBoone + Clarke Street Fund

Erin Washington

Founder | Partner

SoulCenter | Clarke Street Fund

Kate Wharton

Head of Natural Capital Advisory


Lem White


Possibility Labs

Lisa Willems

Board President


Kathryn Wortsman

Managing Partner

Amplify Capital

Yasmina Zaidman

Chief Partnerships Officer


Julianne Zimmerman

Managing Director

Reinventure Capital

Maayan Ziv

Founder & CEO


Gretchen Zucker

Senior Advisor

Ashoka and Elevate Commercial


The full agenda is almost final! Please plan for the following schedule when booking travel and accommodations:

Monday, October 17: 8 a.m. Registration opens – 5:15 p.m. end of content; Partner Wine Up reception, 5 p.m.-6 p.m. &  YBCA Open Gallery Reception 6 p.m. -8 p.m.
Tuesday, October 18: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. end of content.
Wednesday, October 19: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; SOCAP Garden Party from 4:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Thursday, October 20:  8 a.m. – 1 p.m

All days

Oct 17

Oct 18

Oct 19

Oct 20

Success Partners

Launch Partners

Investment Partners

Innovation Partners

Pitch Partners

Media Partners

In-Kind Partners


We’re happy to share an opportunity for SOCAP attendees to both save money on hotels and reduce our collective carbon footprint. We’ve partnered again with travel company TripZero (a Certified B Corp) to offset the carbon footprint created by travel to our event.

With the help of our partner hotels, we’ve secured significantly discounted room rates exclusively for attendees. By booking these hotel rooms, we collectively enable TripZero to offset the carbon footprint created by our travel–at no cost to you.

Through the purchase of certified carbon offsets, TripZero funds reforestation and renewable energy projects that remove pollution from the atmosphere. As these projects offset the impact of our travel, they also create lots of benefits for local communities. Interested? Take a moment to watch this project video.

If you’d like to take advantage of our discounted hotel rates, don’t delay. We have a very limited number of rooms and expect them to sell-out soon.

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What people have to say

“This industry uses the power of finance and business to make the world a better place, and SOCAP, which is the biggest convener of all the main stakeholders in the industry, is a big part of the reason why.”
Huffington Post
“The largest and most interesting community of impact investors, social enterprises and impact leaders across the globe. ”
Rockefeller Foundation
“SOCAP is the one conference I plan my calendar around, no matter what!”
SOCAP20 Attendee


SOCAP22 Pass

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SOCAP22 Group Tickets

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About our new location

SOCAP22 will take place downtown San Francisco, at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street.

Registration will open at 8 a.m. on Monday, October 17, with the first sessions starting at 9 a.m.  Content will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurday morning.  Breakfast is provided every morning.  Lunch is NOT provided on Thursday.  Sessions end at 1 p.m. on Thursday and the gardens will be open until 4 p.m. to allow you to have meetings with other attendees in a private setting.



We’re happy to share an opportunity for SOCAP attendees to both save money on hotels and reduce our collective carbon footprint. We’ve partnered again with travel company TripZero (a Certified B Corp) to offset the carbon footprint created by travel to our event.

With the help of our partner hotels, we’ve secured significantly discounted room rates exclusively for attendees. By booking these hotel rooms, we collectively enable TripZero to offset the carbon footprint created by our travel–at no cost to you.

Through the purchase of certified carbon offsets, TripZero funds reforestation and renewable energy projects that remove pollution from the atmosphere. As these projects offset the impact of our travel, they also create lots of benefits for local communities. Interested? Take a moment to watch this project video.

If you’d like to take advantage of our discounted hotel rates, don’t delay. We have a very limited number of rooms and expect them to sell-out soon.

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This is a big reason for our move.  The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is walking distance from a BART/Muni station, meaning that you can commute from Oakland and the East Bay, or arrive directly from SFO or Oakland airport using public transportation.

As usual, there is no dress code for SOCAP22.  It’s the West Coast, so comfy business casual is the accepted norm, but wear what is comfortable to you.

Yerba Buena is a warmer microclimate than Fort Mason, but that doesn’t mean that Karl the fog cannot invite himself.  It can be quite windy too, so plan to layer.

You will need to walk across campus and we have activated the garden that separates our two venues.  You might need to walk on grass – heels are not recommended unless you are a total heel-pro.

To have an idea of the range of outfits, check this Impact Alpha 2018 article.

Even if you are not registered, you can find a preview of the list of attendees here.  This list is not updated in real time and might be lagging behind registrations.

If you have to update your job title and/or company in your profile, there is a significant chance that the information on your badge will not be accurate. Update them preferably before October 1st,  by filling out this form

Start networking now!

Once you’ve registered for SOCAP22, you can download the free EventMobi app from your favorite app store (or use the browser version). Enter the code SOCAP22 and the email address that you used to register for the event. Within the app, you can plan your agenda and connect virtually with other SOCAP22 attendees ahead of the event. Create your profile with a photo and short bio to help your fellow attendees put a face to your name. Start making connections, set up meetings, and plan your SOCAP22 schedule!

No.  Sessions and networking areas are for registered guests only.  We will enforce this policy strictly.  The gallery in YBCA will stay open for the public and might be available for casual conversation.  There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and museums in the area that will welcome your patronage.

Cancellation policy and other requirements

Tickets are non-refundable, even if we were to require proof of vaccination to allow entry in buildings.  Note that we have activated a large area in the Yerba Buena Gardens, and networking will take place outdoors.

Tickets can be transferred by filling out this form

We will abide by the ordinances in place next October in San Francisco.  We recommend that you be vaccinated and have proof of vaccination readily available.  As of the end of June, San Francisco is not requiring proof of vaccination, and masking is not required.

Before flying into the United States, check vaccine and COVID test requirements to enter the United States.

Accessibility and Health Concerns

We recommend that you contact us with any specific requests before buying a ticket to make sure we can accommodate your needs properly.

We offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The most common allergens are marked clearly on all items on the buffet.  Unfortunately, our gluten-free dishes are prepared in areas where gluten might be present and may not be appropriate for celiac disease sufferers.

All inside venues are ADA-accessible, with reserved seating areas.  We have activated a grassy area in the Yerba Buena Gardens.  You may need to wheel yourself or walk on grass to reach the picnic tables where networking will take place.

If you have hearing issues, contact us to learn which hearing assistance technology the YBCA theaters offers.  Note that smaller rooms or rooms in our other venue are not equipped similarly, but we are working on solutions to make sessions available.

We will have a dedicated nursing parent room at YBCA.

Our staff and vendors  will be following COVID protocols recommended or mandated at the time of the conference.  We recommend that you are vaccinated and bring good, comfortable, high quality masks in case there is a COVID spike at the time of the conference or should smoke from wildfire blow over the city.

Food will be served in an open area and there will be ample seating outside to enjoy food and network.

I had a ticket for SOCAP20 in-person.

In December 2020, we sent an email asking all the SOCAP20 in-person attendees how they wanted to use their credit.  The options were to get a SOCAP21 and Integrate21 Virtual ticket and a discount for SOCAP22, or to get a SOCAP22 ticket.

We sent out an email to SOCAP20 attendees with either a discount code or a SOCAP22 registration confirmation early December 2021, depending on what you chose, and SOCAP20 ticket holders got an email in December with either the discount code or the ticket.  Fill out this form to update your information or transfer your ticket.

Note that if you opted out of our marketing emails or if you changed emails since you bought your SOCAP2o ticket, you may not be receiving our emails.  Please contact [email protected] to update your information or with any question about your ticket.

I am registered, but I am not receiving emails

f you didn’t get a confirmation email right after registering, please check with us to make sure there is not a typo in your email address.

If you used to receive our emails in the past, but you don’t anymore, there might be several possible reasons : maybe you used a different email address than you remember, or you may have used an email address that is now obsolete and you need to update it.  Finally, if you have opted out of our marketing emails, you will not receive updates about SOCAP22.  Please contact [email protected] so that we can help you figure out what’s going on.

If you know that you opted out of our marketing emails, you will need to sign up for our newsletter again.  If you decide to unsubscribe again, make sure to allow for one-on-one emails.

Registration updates

Use unique email addresses to register multiple attendees, even if you use the same first name and last name.  It will ensure that we have easy access to the records for all your tickets.

If you do not know who will be attending, please contact us at [email protected] to get an invoice.  Upon payment, you will be given a code to register your attendees later.

If you bought several tickets under the same email address when that was still allowed, contact us to give us the email address, name, job title and company of each attendee.  We will not reach out to you to request that information.   If you have not updated your list of attendees prior to the conference, please make sure that the persons presenting themselves at registration know the name of the ticket buyer.  It may take them a long time to retrieve their badge, so please, for their sake and to avoid frustration, make sure you update the info before October 3.  Changes made later will not appear on your badge.

We understand that you may not be able to attend all days in person.  At this point, we cannot split tickets into day passes or reprint passes at the registration desk.  If you want different people to attend on different days, you will have to hand out the physical badge to your colleague in order to share a ticket.

Check this FAQ closer to the event, should we be able to accommodate you.

Note that we are not selling day passes at this time.  If this changes, we will advertise day passes in our newsletters.

Make sure your job title and company name are current so that your badge is accurate.   Fill out this form to update your information preferably before October 1.

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