A community of multicultural changemakers

June 9-10, 2021
10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Changing times call for a change in how we collectively build, innovate and transform our society. As we enter our third year, SPECTRUM is excited to introduce year round offerings that focus on justice, equity and action. 

Creating more touch points for the community to connect, learn and do together is the goal for 2021. Instead of just one event we want to create multiple events ranging from half-day to full-day virtual engagements. In between events SPECTRUM will host dedicated networking events, special programming and other community engagement to connect in smaller groups. 

Due to the generous support of our Partners we are able to offer the first 1,000 tickets to SPECTRUM21 Virtual for free.  Register below to join our interactive, action-focused conversations and community of multicultural changemakers building an inclusive, impact economy. 

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Virtual Events

SPECTRUM will host three virtual events rooted in collaboration and action. 

March 24: I’m Speaking 

Join us as we hear from women and men who are on the frontlines of creating a more inclusive and equitable society where all of us can thrive. A half-day discussion focused on how women model new paradigms of leadership and power.

June 9-10: SPECTRUM Virtual 2021

A two-day, interactive convening featuring multicultural changemakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, cross-sector practitioners, and investors determined to build an inclusive, impact economy. 

September 22: The Color of Money 

A half-day event on the importance of finance and race with a range of conversations focused on the need to diversify fund managers, a call for more investment in Black and Brown entrepreneurs and closing the wealth gap. 




Months of programming






Aaron Walker

Founder & CEO

Camelback Ventures

Alan Anderson

Assistant Vice President, University Partnerships

Emory University

Amy Duffuor


Prime Impact Fund

Beth Bafford

VP, Syndications & Strategy

Calvert Impact Capital

Cari Hanson

Vice President


Daryl Shore

Vice President, Inclusive Communities

Prudential Financial

Dauwila Harrison

Youth Program Coordinator

Friendship House

Don Thompson

CEO & Founder

Cleveland Avenue

Evan Edwards

Director, Strategic Partnerships and Business Engagement

Project Equity

Felicia Davis


HBCU Green Fund

Fran Seegull

Executive Director

U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

Halima Adenegan

Content Manager


Henry Lancaster II


HBCU Green Fund

Jahiem Jones



James Bason

President & CEO


Joanna Hall

Executive Director


Jochebed Bogunjoko

Founder & CEO

J Aduke Consulting

John Palfrey


John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Keisha Senter


The Solution Senter

Latresa McLawhorn Ryan

Executive Director

Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative

Leah Nguyen

Investment Director

TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

Liz Adeola


PBS Utah

Liz Thompson

CAFÉ President and Office Director

Cleveland Avenue

Madhyama Subramanian

Head of Programs and Partnerships

Solidaridad North America

Mahlet Getachew

Managing Director, Corporate Racial Equity


Monique Aiken

Managing Director

The Investment Integration Project (TIIP)

Nneka Uzoh

Senior Vice President

Aligned Climate Capital

Paloma Flores

Visionary & Program Coordinator

SFUSD Indian Education Program

Paul Quintero

President & CEO


Rishi Moudgil

Executive Director

GreenLight Fund Detroit

Ron Frierson

Director of Economic Policy

L.A. Mayor's Office

Sarah Beth Gehl

Research Director

The Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP)

Sophie Ruddock

VP, GM of North America


Taj James


Full Spectrum Capital Partners

T. Dyer


Future Allies

Tommy Johnson

Founder & CEO

Made with Black Culture

Tonya Adair

Chief People, Equity, & Engagement Officer

United Way SEM

Victor Salama

Executive Director

Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation (GNEC)

Yusuf George

Managing Director, Corporate Engagement

Just Capital


June 9-10, SPECTRUM21 Virtual, now in its third year will bring together a community of multicultural stakeholders for action. We will deliver conversations and engagements that ensure action is integrated into everything we do big and small. 


People of color are the fastest-growing population of entrepreneurs across America. Though their ideas and innovations are plentiful, the opportunities and access to capital for leaders of color are not. Content will focus on ways the SPECTRUM community can help ensure that communities of color gain equal access to resources, services, and opportunities.


An inclusive economy ensures that resources are fairly distributed across communities and opportunities are created for all to thrive. We will identify ways to build inclusive networks that disrupt dominant negative narratives and empower people to share ideas and collaborate. 


Closing the racial wealth gap is an economic and moral necessity. How do we recognize and support people of color who are on the frontlines designing solutions through businesses, investing, and creating a positive impact within their communities?  Highlight what is working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. How are we sustaining collective action? 


All days

Jun 09

Jun 10

Sep 22

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Innovation Partner

Pitch Partners

Media Partners

Network Partners

What people say about SPECTRUM

“I was really pleased and encouraged that the range of speakers and panelists promoted these newer narratives. ”
SPECTRUM attendee
“It was the first conference I have been to that I felt like I could approach anyone and they would welcome the connection and discussion.”
SPECTRUM attendee
“The networks were powerful. I interfaced with people I would not traditionally have access to.”
SPECTRUM attendee

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