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Our Process

Good Capital Project (GCP) is a collaboration to drive more capital towards purpose – driven investments. Following its launch in June 2017, Good Capital Project deployed a design thinking methodology to identify the persistent challenges facing the impact industry and to develop consensus around potential solutions. To date, GCP has engaged over 2,000 participants and collaborators.

Good Capital Project is now at the prototype stage wherein it is developing – in partnership and collaboration with other stakeholders – prototypes of initiatives to address some of the challenges that surfaced during the discovery phase.




Good Capital Project’s participants joined working groups focused on solving six grand challenges facing the impact industry:

  1. Creating Shared Understanding

  2. Enabling the Entrepreneur

  3. Efficient Product Design & Distribution

  4. Legal Structures & Policy

  5. Impact Measurement & Management

  6. Investable Solutions

During the project’s “Understanding and Empathy” phase, GCP hosted a series of brainstorming and ideation sessions for each working group. These sessions produced the concepts for the initiatives we have since launched. 

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Good Capital Project Launch Event


Good Capital Project Grand Challenges

GCP conversations were organized into six Grand Challenges to enable participants to apply their core expertise.


How do we convey the importance and intricacies of Impact investments to a broader audience? How do we improve and standardize current processes to grow the industry? How do we educate and inspire new audiences?


How do we deploy innovative legal structures to the organizations that could benefit from them? What role do lawyers play in growing the industry, what barriers do they face? What policy and regulatory changes could spur growth?


How can we drive innovation and spur entrepreneurial growth in Impact? How can we standardize and clarify a fragmented and inefficient social venture funding landscape? How can we promote new solutions and increase venture deal volume?


How do we achieve a full risk-return spectrum for Impact investment opportunities that caters to both market rate, and non profit- maximizing investors? How can we grow the amount of assets committed to Impact?


Despite advances in Impact metrics, confusion and redundancy abound. How can we clarify current efforts and reduce redundancies to achieve critical mass? How do we use Impact measurement approaches to grow the industry?


How can we replicate the scale and efficiency of traditional product distribution systems? How do we shift from project based thinking to a product based thinking? How do facilitate better coordination and integration among boutiques?



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