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An Inclusive Economy: from Practice to Policy

Andy Fyfe May 13, 2021

A coalition of 50 social & environmental impact organizations have convened to call on the Biden-Harris Administration to advance policy around economic recovery, racial equity, and climate change. These policy solutions are ripe for action and are brought together by years of collaboration within the SOCAP community, ready and willing to support inclusive economic growth for American workers, communities and businesses. We together propose a White House Initiative on Inclusive Economic Growth and are excited to discuss this initiative at SOCAP 2021 to both share how this work transcended from practices to policy, and to open the floor for new voices to contribute, question, and join this effort.


Radical Collaboration

Meta Themes

  • Stakeholder Economics & Leadership

  • Equity & Inclusion

  • Impact Investing


Private Public Partnership Policy for Inclusive Economic Growth | B Corps

Purpose and Desired Outcome

To allow the broader business, investor, and policymaker community to join in on this effort, benefit from it, contribute to it, and lift up important voices who want to question/add to this policy that has been introduced. Behavior change is not enough to move forward in the impact economy. We need policy and institutional change. This is the most collective policy to date from the SOCAP community in recent years.


  • Asset Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Government


  • NameHolly Ensign Barstow
  • TitleHead of Policy
  • OrganizationB Lab
  • StatusInvited
  • NameRodney Foxworth
  • TitleCEO
  • OrganizationCommon Future
  • StatusInvited
  • NameFran Seegull
  • TitleCEO
  • OrganizationImpact Investing Alliance
  • StatusInvited
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