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Bridging inequality: Investing in future generations through comprehensive affordable housing solutions

Javier Monterroso June 28, 2022

An estimated 500,000 people each year experience homelessness in the US – on top of the millions of low to moderate income families who suffer from housing insecurity. And the network of organizations, services, and support structures working to help support these individuals and families can be complex. As an impact investor – how do you navigate this landscape and determine which types of interventions and organizations to fund based on your goals? In this session, we’ll explore the impactful, cross-sector partnerships being developed to address this critical issue and share insights into proven interventions and solutions that leaders in this field are championing.


Fireside Chat (3 speakers maximum)

Meta Themes

  • Deliver Equity and Inclusion


affordable housing, homelessness, housing insecurity

Purpose and Desired Outcome

To educate investors about a few cross-sectional partnerships that address multiple factors leading to homelessness and housing insecurity and new models that are emerging to tackle the enormity of this issue.


  • Allocators (Family Offices, HNW Individuals, Foundations)

  • Intermediaries (Financial Advisers, Investment Bankers)

  • Asset Managers


  • NameJavier
  • TitleMonterroso
  • OrganizationCapShift
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameTBD
  • TitleTBD
  • OrganizationIf selected we will invite speakers from: Omicelo, Habitat for Humanity, Kimpact, and / or LISC
  • StatusInvited
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