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How Government and Private CO. Can Leverage Tech To Rebuild The Nation Post-Pandemic

Cynthia Villarreal May 14, 2021

As one of the fastest growing industries, tech has the ability to change the lives of some of the most overlooked and underserved individuals in this country. During the pandemic, some of the hardest hit has been Black and Brown communities. Millions of people have been pushed into poverty as a result of layoffs and industries have been crippled. As we look toward the recovery of this nation, we need to be intentional about the way that we rebuild and approach this in a manner that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

The way forward is through public-private partnerships. By leveraging public-private partnerships, existing technology projects that would normally go to a vendor can be used to also deliver a fleet of trained developers. Both government and private organizations have budgets set aside to update or replace existing or outdated technology. These organizations are able to have a social impact that can change the lives of some of the most vulnerable in the nation by using that same budget. This model pairs Sr. and Jr. developers to work alongside one another through an apprenticeship that ultimately pays people to learn and gain the skills to enter the technology industry. Financial obstacles play a big role in the lives of those from underserved communities so by paying these individuals to learn a barrier is removed so they are able to fully commit to gain the skill needed to be in tech.

This initiative hires people that are traditionally left out of the technology industry, and as a result a more diversified and inclusive tech workforce is created. These people would be able to enter the fastest growing industry in the world after their apprenticeship is over without the financial burdens of a traditional education. 

In this session Jake and Irma will discuss the ongoing issues that have plagued minority groups, how the pandemic moved more people below the poverty line, and how public-private partnerships for apprenticeships can make a substantive impact on the lives of these individuals.


Fireside Chat

Meta Themes

  • Equity & Inclusion


Diversity, equity and inclusion; economic development; economic recovery

Purpose and Desired Outcome

Purpose: Discuss how the technology industry is well-positioned to effectively address systemic inequality and improve diversity through approaches like public-private partnerships. Desired outcome: Inspire government officials and tech companies to utilize these partnerships to use existing budgets to invest into training new developers, especially those who have been historically excluded from tech.


  • Corporate & SME

  • Government


  • NameJake Soberal
  • TitleCEO & Co-founder
  • OrganizationBitwise Industries
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameIrma Olguin Jr.
  • TitleCEO & Co-founder
  • OrganizationBitwise Industries
  • StatusConfirmed
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