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How to move economic systems to address climate risk, equity and security through illustration and discussion of changing food, health, education and economic systems across states and nations.

Harriette Brainard July 13, 2022

There are two initiatives that have been focused on primarily moving food systems both here in the U.S. centered in Hawaii, another in Wales and Scotland and now moving to address food systems in Kenya. Both initiatives emerged due to the interconnected nature of food security, climate, water, health, biodiversity, soil, education, equity and economic stability. These initiatives emerged from an immediate lack of economic stability across a nation – as in Wales, which was facing economic outcomes  from Brexit. However, the immediate economic threats were also tied to failing soil and water systems, a growing chronic health crisis due to importing 90% of food – mostly processed despite an agricultural economy, lack of economic and educational resources due to dependence on import/export economy, and growing environmental concerns due to climate change and commercial farming. Hawaii has faced similar and escalating concerns, facing a severe lack of food during Covid due to an economy also reliant on export of few ag commodities (such as pineapple) and import of largely processed food. The commercial farming methods have degraded the environment – soil and water, and as in Wales, the population is facing massive chronic health issues. The indigenous populations have faced equity and health issues as well due to the  degenerative food systems that have been forced upon the population. In both cases the younger generation is also experiencing a growing chronic health crisis as a direct result of the lack of healthy and local food, as well as lack of educational awareness – food systems literacy. This is also common in other island nations, as children recognize an apple or grapes before native produce. These initiatives are not just reimagining food, health, literacy and economic systems- they are 2 years into building the structure. They are both illustrations of where and how investment and philanthropic dollars should be spent to address the urgency of systems change. They are also examples of community building and unity efforts across regions. Food security, health, wellness, environment, water, equity and positive economic structure through better regional and localization of food is something that public opinion can galvanize investment behind.



Fireside Chat (3 speakers maximum)

Meta Themes

  • Reimagine Systems

  • Accelerate Climate Action

  • Deliver Equity and Inclusion

  • Power and Capital


Purpose and Desired Outcome

Investment structures are focused on returns as an indicator of growth, building/restructuring food and economic systems secures long term GDP health and an ability to secure food and water security in order to stabilize society and community. The escalating uncertainty associated with climate change amidst a crisis built from inequitable structures of society must be addressed - the systems moved to positive outcomes for everyone and the environment. Illustrating this to a larger public is a key component to expanding these outcomes and gaining public trust, input and investment.


  • Allocators (Family Offices, HNW Individuals, Foundations)

  • Asset Managers

  • Intermediaries (Financial Advisers, Investment Bankers)

  • Corporate & SME

  • Service Providers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Artists & Culture-makers

  • Government

  • Academia

  • Accelerators & Incubators


  • NameJyoti Banerjee
  • Titlefounder
  • OrganizationNorth Star Transition
  • StatusInvited
  • NameChris Knapp
  • Titlemanaging director Robertson Stephens
  • OrganizationRobertson Stephens
  • StatusInvited
  • NameHarriette
  • TitleBrainard
  • Organizationretteworks, North Star Transition, Imagine.World
  • StatusConfirmed, Invited
  • NameKirk Bergstrom
  • Titlefounder
  • OrganizationImagine.World, Nourish Hawaii
  • StatusInvited
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