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How to NOT lose the next-gen donor

Steve Winter July 12, 2022

Young donors are very different from older, more established philanthropists.  Recognizing that the way non-profits operate are completely misaligned with today’s youth – essentially the donor base of tomorrow – the industry needs a new approach that makes philanthropy engaging and accessible for that next generation of donors.  Canadian startup Infāque has created a Frictionless, transparent, democratized and independent platform designed to engage early-stage donors in the way that is both seamless and most suited to their lifestyles.  Founder Fahad Qureshi will lead a panel to include non-profit executives and young philanthropists to discuss this new trend and the future of young philanthropy.



Meta Themes

  • Reimagine Systems


Philanthroty, Charitable Giving, Gen-Z

Purpose and Desired Outcome

Create a foundation to support engagement and to create relevance for the donors of the next generation


  • Corporate & SME

  • Artists & Culture-makers


  • NameOmar Butt
  • TitleCo-Founder
  • OrganizationInfāque
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameFahad Qureshi
  • TitleCo-Founder
  • OrganizationInfāque
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameTristan Surman
  • TitleExec. Director
  • OrganizationMyMedia
  • StatusInvited
  • NameMelissa Syme
  • TitleDirector of Philanthropy
  • OrganizationThe Rumie Initiative
  • StatusInvited
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