In Good Faith: How Faith-Based Innovation Can Drive Social Impact

Rebecca Kaduru May 14, 2021

Earlier this year, the Biden Administration announced it would reestablish the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, recognizing the critical role that religious organizations can play in addressing social issues. Yet, religious communities are often overlooked in the social impact and innovation space. 

In this session, we’ll explore how religious communities are leveraging the tools and frameworks of social entrepreneurship to spur a renaissance in religious life. From reimagined spiritual spaces to new partnerships in service of societal change, religious communities across the country are using the tools of social entrepreneurship to reinvent themselves–and the impact they can have on the wider world. We’ll look at several case studies, then extract lessons for religious communities or anyone looking to explore the intersection of religious identity and social entrepreneurship in service of wider community impact.


Note: Below is a list of confirmed speakers. We also intend to reach out to invite someone from the evangelical community.



Meta Themes

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Equity & Inclusion


Religion; Social Impact; Identity-based organizing

Purpose and Desired Outcome

To provide a framework for how social impact organizations/initiatives can integrate religious communities into their framework; To also provide models for individuals who want to leverage their religious background to contribute to larger movements for social change.


  • Entrepreneurs

  • Artists & Culture-makers

  • Academia

  • Government

  • Accelerators & Incubators


  • NameRebecca Kaduru
  • TitleChief Strategy & Impact Officer
  • OrganizationUpStart
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameBrittany Butler
  • TitleExecutive Director
  • OrganizationSocial Innovation + Change Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameAziza Hasan
  • TitleExecutive Director
  • OrganizationNewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change
  • StatusConfirmed
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