Measurement is the First Step, Not the Last

Nelli Garton May 13, 2021

The session being proposed is a comprehensive look at the developmental approach to impact measurement and then managing for impact. No matter what the impact thesis is for an entity, finding the data and processing it is only the beginning. It is important to ask questions of data and delve deeper into what data means. The data needs to be placed in context and compared.  Also once we have knowledge from the data we can take actionable steps to shift the results we are seeing leading to organizational change and greater impact in the long run. Then we do it all again. We can provide examples from our work on developing quality jobs, issues of diversity, equity and inclusion and broader ESG concerns. We could bring together a panel of investors to speak about how they think about impact and how they use rigorous methods to strengthen their portfolio companies. 



Meta Themes

  • Impact Investing


Impact Measurement & Management, ESG Analytics at Scale, Inclusive Leadership, Stakeholder Capitalism

Purpose and Desired Outcome

The theme of this session falls in line with our mission to help money flow to what matters most. The main focus is on the learning and education piece around ESG and impact measurement, and to demonstrate how organizations can set actionable goals to strengthen ESG performance from the information they collect. We intend to show investors and companies not only how they can pull ESG data in a way that’s relevant to their specific sectors and impact theses, but also how to analyze and put that data into context so that concrete steps can be taken to improve upon their impact. There are many players in this growing field but we highly value collaboration over competition when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our people, communities, businesses, and the environment. Bridging these gaps in knowledge and increasing access to the tools and recipes needed for success is a critical part of affecting change. We are here to help anyone who truly wishes to make a difference.


  • Asset Managers


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