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The New Era of Corporate Volunteering

Ben Sampson June 8, 2022

Corporate volunteering use to be somewhat of a simple practice. CSR leaders or team members would find a great nonprofit, schedule a time for employees to give back, show up on-site for the activity, and report the results. Today, volunteering has multiple new formats, requires more advanced tools and technology, and continues to evolve every month as the working world becomes more virtual and dynamic. The questions amongst our leaders: How do we continue engaging employees at scale with unique volunteer experiences and continue increasing the amount of impact generated through the efforts globally?

In this session, we will be covering the latest formats when it comes to volunteering, how companies are rapidly adapting to new volunteer structures and strategies, and how more social impact is being created at scale, than ever before.

Session Content

The Session Content will cover four key areas with respective subtopics:

New and exciting volunteer formats

– The rise of simulations as volunteer experiences

– Utilizing shipping and logistics to engage a remote or hybrid workforce at scale

– The programs to consider when scaling skills-based volunteerism

– The volunteer formats you’ve never even heard of (how new technology such as blockchain and Web 3.0 will enable a new wave of volunteer engagements)

Best methods for execution

– Pros and cons of the various volunteer formats today

– Case studies of companies quickly advancing corporate volunteerism successfully

How to build the corporate volunteer program of tomorrow

– Examples of cutting edge volunteer strategies

– How to generate better impact data and report on it

– Utilizing existing company resources to enable more scale

How and why to adjust existing volunteer experiences

– The importance of storytelling and empathy to volunteers

– How to generate more impact with existing experiences

– The use of engagement technology (when and how to use it)



Meta Themes

  • Reimagine Systems



Purpose and Desired Outcome

We want to flip volunteering on its head to drive more change aligned with the 17 SDGs. The goal of this session is to arm organizations with new ideas to engage more people globally in volunteerism and drive for a larger sense of community and impact.


  • Corporate & SME

  • Entrepreneurs


  • NameBen Sampson
  • TitleCo-founder
  • OrganizationWeHero
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameBrian Kurth
  • TitleCo-founder
  • OrganizationRevere
  • StatusInvited
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