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Using Telehealth to Bridge Art and Health for Racial and Health Equity

Amy Li April 1, 2023

Loneliness is more damaging than smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making behavior change challenging for 100M US patients and elders, especially those of color. >40% of African Americans have high blood pressure, leading to diabetes and Alzheimer’s. African Americans and Hispanics are ~2X and ~1.5X more likely to have Alzheimer’s. Dance improves diabetes, reduces cardiovascular deaths by 46% and dementia risk by 76%. African Americans and Asian Americans have the highest cancer death rates, and Creative Arts Therapy can boost cancer patients’ QoL by 50% and reduce pain by 59%. Join us to discuss bridging Art and Health to make healthy habits accessible, supportive, and fun to improve racial and health equity. 




Health, health equity, telehealth, dance, technology, artificial intelligence

Purpose and Desired Outcome

We aim to challenge conventional notions of health care by highlighting the clinical studies behind Art and Health (A&H) interventions. We will share our vision of a world where healthcare practitioners prescribe A&H interventions and make them accessible to enrich the lives of people of all abilities, ages, races, and genders. We will highlight how recorded and live dance classes can be a powerful tool for healthcare providers to keep their patients healthy and happy. We will explain how dance gets patients moving and can prevent loneliness, especially when done with friends. We hope attendees will walk away with a new understanding of what should count as health care and how therapeutic dance could increase health equity in the United States and globally. We also hope to network with attendees we could collaborate with in the future.


  • Artists & Culture-makers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Government

  • Academia

  • Service Providers

  • Allocators (Family Offices, HNW Individuals, Foundations)

  • Accelerators & Incubators


  • NameAmy Li
  • TitleFounder & CEO
  • OrganizationDance4Healing
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameChristopher Bailey
  • TitleArt & Health Lead
  • OrganizationWorld Health Organization
  • StatusInvited
  • NameIlene Serlin
  • TitlePsychologist, Dance Therapist
  • OrganizationSerlin Institute of Health
  • StatusInvited
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