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What is the Cooling Crisis? And how can we solve it?

Manik Suri July 13, 2022

Many people are unfamiliar with the cold chain: the refrigeration along the supply chain that moves the world’s most valuable products from production to consumption — food and pharmaceuticals. Manik is on a mission to make the cold chain known because it’s currently in crisis. Refrigeration takes up 15% to 20% of the world’s electricity — and creates almost 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide and equivalent emissions. This breaks down into food waste, refrigerant emissions  and electricity. In this session, Manik can explain the massive implications of the cooling crisis, and key technologies aiming to solve it. He will dive into how we can achieve dramatic drops in carbon emissions and how this will change the course for our businesses, supply chains and planet.


Fireside Chat (3 speakers maximum)

Meta Themes

  • Accelerate Climate Action


Purpose and Desired Outcome

After attending this session, attendees will have a stronger understanding of the cooling crisis, one of our planet’s major — but not often discussed — contributors to carbon dioxide and equivalent emission levels. They will gain actionable insights into what we can do, on a corporate level, to improve our current emission levels


  • Corporate & SME

  • Entrepreneurs


  • NameManik Suri
  • TitleFounder & CEO
  • OrganizationTherma
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameTBD
  • TitleTBD
  • OrganizationTBD
  • StatusInvited
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