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Why paygo electromagnetic induction will be the #1 technology to solve clean cooking

Ben Jeffreys May 30, 2021
  • Globally about 4 billion people, half of the global population, lack access to clean, modern cooking services. 
  • This issue is costing the world’s economy approximately $2.4trillion each year due to adverse impact on health, the climate and the livelihoods of women and girls.  
  • In addition approximately 4 million people, mainly women, die prematurely due to household air pollution each year. 
  • While LPG has been the biggest global solution of the last 50 years, it hasn’t achieved significant traction in the global Base of Pyramid (BoP) for a variety of reasons we will discuss. 
  • To solve clean cooking for these 4 billion people, other more efficient, affordable, sustainable and scalable solutions are likely required. 
  • ATEC*, as a Pay-As-You-Go clean cooking social enterprise, sees the technology with the greatest potential to solve clean cooking for the BoP to be electromagnetic induction stoves
  • We came to this conclusion using a combination of technical analysis, modelling and framework tools, one of the most useful public tools being ESMAP Multi-tier Framework (MTF).
  • ATEC* and our PAYGO software partner Angaza will present the reasoning in detail and welcome debate and discussion


Radical Collaboration

Meta Themes

  • Climate Action

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable Development


Clean Cooking & SDG7

Purpose and Desired Outcome

Outline the macro and technology reasons as to why paygo electromagnetic induction will disrupt the clean cooking sector and become the leading technology by 2030


  • Allocators (Family Offices, HNW Individuals, Foundations)

  • Government

  • Intermediaries (Financial Advisers, Investment Bankers)

  • Corporate & SME

  • Entrepreneurs


  • NameBen Jeffreys
  • TitleCEO
  • OrganizationATEC International
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameLeslie Marincola
  • TitleCEO
  • OrganizationAngaza
  • StatusConfirmed
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