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Women Who Innovate: How to Beat the Odds and Lead Industry-Disrupting Change

LeeAnn Mallorie July 13, 2022

Bold, disruptive innovation is necessary in order to reimagine systems and truly re-design the status quo. Without the efforts of courageous individuals who put their egos, their reputations and even their careers on the line in order to drive change, we are unlikely to meet the pressing social, economic and environmental demands of our time. But who is best suited to envision, and to steward this change? The answer reveals a paradox that is fundamental to the evolution of business today: historically, critical change has been sparked by people with social identities that differ from those already in power (white, male, straight etc). But when your gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or social identity are different than your supervisors, competitors, investors or peers, the pressure to “perform well” can unconsciously override your natural capacity and confidence to innovate.

In this 90-minute workshop, we share approaches and concrete tools designed help women and diverse leaders build resilience, step out of unconscious self-sabotage, and drive change. Drawing on lessons from a client case study in the field of climate insurance, we unpack the steps (and pitfalls) on the way to real impact.



Meta Themes

  • Deliver Equity and Inclusion

  • Reimagine Systems

  • Accelerate Climate Action


Gender Equity, Women in Leadership, Embodying our Values, Innovation, Conscious Leadership

Purpose and Desired Outcome

The purpose of this session is to empower female leaders to deepen and trust their intuitions and build resilience, so that they can take confident, timely action that catalyzes broad-scale change in their industries. Using the vehicle of mindfulness and somatic (embodied) practice, attendees will walk away with increased confidence, a sense of hope, and a concrete set of skills to support and fortify their stewardship of socially and environmentally impactful innovation.


  • Corporate & SME

  • Government

  • Accelerators & Incubators

  • Academia

  • Service Providers

  • Artists & Culture-makers

  • Entrepreneurs


  • NameLeeAnn Mallorie
  • TitleCEO & Founder
  • OrganizationGuts & Grace Leadership
  • StatusConfirmed
  • NameMaria Rapin
  • TitleCEO
  • OrganizationNephila Climate
  • StatusInvited
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