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Working IN and FOR NATURE

Christiana Gardikioti May 12, 2021

Meraki in Greek means Passion Dexterity Focus and Commitment … People indicates that we value and promote Social Capital as well as Economic one … What we want is to bring in NATURE more into the conversation as an EMPLOYER

a) rs pioneering science technology and partnerships that enable people and nature to thrive

b)  New accounting to figure out how we can bring nature and business into the conversation of REGENERATION and PLANETARY STEWARDSHIP


Meraki People is a Hellenic initiative that aims to create a movement towards revitalizing empty unproductive villages into thriving communities in Mt Parnonas Greece a Natura 2000 designated area. HOW?  by creating a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself by creating its own parts and eventually further components not in a cell environment but in a community context Thus we invite a radical collaboration to engage a plethora of stakeholders to make this social experiment REALITY

Laconic versus loquacious   –    Action oriented versus theoretical   – Wisdom (applied knowledge effecting 7 generations) versus short profits and maximization of profits is our framework.

7 teams of 7 people = 49 people total each paying 1300 euros to be there and cross pollinate GENERATING 63.3700 EUROS IN INCOME FOR THE COMMUNITY !! The session will be seeking people who want to support this ESG VILLAGE MAKING

IF we get the first week rolling then we can establish another 39 weeks of similar activity and generate profits for the local economy

the heart of the project lies in the making of the BIO and FAB Community LABS where STEAMs (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics are supporting and facilitating the effort)

For this social experiment we need capital and investors that think as we do

Business angels or philanthropists that are partnering with us “THE MERAKI PEOPLE”  to achieve a water, energy and food autonomous community that can duplicate itself in all 24 villages and share it with the rest of the world in their respective places and communities !!

Meraki People is now creating the “Φ” Club that starts with living soil and democratizes the food chain – an NGO that would love to undertake all coordination and management of the project

Thank you kindly

Christiana Gardikioti



Radical Collaboration

Meta Themes

  • Climate Action

  • Equity & Inclusion

  • Impact Investing


Democratization of food chain, digital smart villages and local economy

Purpose and Desired Outcome

To mitigate climate change via bridging Rural and Urban realities To facilitate young people's return to wellness via food production and working to steward resources as well as create a new type of economy in a rural area


  • Accelerators & Incubators

  • Academia

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Government

  • Corporate & SME


  • NameChristiana Gardikioti
  • TitleFounder
  • OrganizationThe Meraki people
  • StatusInvited
  • Name Dr. Jeffrey Su
  • Title Managing Director
  • OrganizationNrhythm
  • StatusInvited
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