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VOTESOCAP Open is a public forum where we invite the expertise and networks of the global impact community to create content for our flagship convening. The submission period is now open and voting begins June 17. We invite your contribution to SOCAP Virtual taking place October 19-23, 2020!

Please note: SOCAP20 is now SOCAP Virtual. This means all sessions will be facilitated or conducted virtually. Share your best programming ideas with our conference team and the SOCAP community, and add your perspective to the conversation!Interactive Workshop:
Workshops, design sessions, and other facilitated modes that help attendees connect in different ways, collaborate, dig in, and work through challenges.Fireside Chat:
There are so many great two-person formats that allow for a deeper discussion. By proposing to interview a peer, thought leader, or cross-sector collaborator, a fireside chat can provide a different way of engaging with the deep practitioner experience and visionary frameworks around social and environmental impact. Debate:
A rousing debate can illuminate the many valid and varied opinions in this space! There are multiple debate formats from one-on-one to groups. Examine different points of view or perspectives related to an issue or explore questions of a moral and philosophical nature. Film/Art/Music:
Artistic forms of creating and advancing social and environmental change which may fit within scheduled content or elsewhere in the SOCAP experience. In a virtual setting there are incredible opportunities to bring art, music and film into the event. Workshops with break out rooms:
A structured set of facilitated activities for groups of participants. This session type includes the use of break out rooms so participants can work in small groups. Meant for smaller groups under 100 people. Large Format Workshop:
Often we need a larger format to deliver interactive content. This workshop type is meant for up to 500 participants to explore a problem and its solutions, participate in a live polling process, an open format discussion or a demo with individual work. Panel with Q&A:
A panel composed of three people and one moderator. This is an ideal format for highlighting differing perspectives on a topic, the ecosystem of stakeholders affecting an issue, or a case study. Panels in a virtual format are part presentation, conversation, and Q&A with the audience.Facilitated Community Building/Networking Opportunity:
Connections and collaborations are how we get the work done. Think about different formats that will allow individuals to share their experiences, have fun together, meet new colleagues and/or learn something new to strengthen relationships and build deeper trust.

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