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SOCAP09 September 2nd Daily Update

Megan McFadden September 2, 2009

After the first day of the conference, a unique theme has emerged – one that perhaps creates an umbrella under which all panel discussions and hallway conversations exist. That theme was labeled by one conference participant “themelessness”. Another, in response, labeled it “themefulness”. And a third person listening nearby said, “look, we’re all here together trying to figure out how to create social enterprises that change the world. And that requires a lot. Much more than we can capture under one theme or another.”
Themelessness. Themefulness. Figuring out how to build social enterprises that make a better world. SOCAP09, in contrast to any other conference that I’ve ever been to, is about opening it up. About looking at the past, but not being constrained by it. About looking toward the future, but not being fooled by it. And about looking into ourselves and each other and finding what it is we need to take social enterprises to the next level and make an indelible mark on this world.
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