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Interviewing Root Change Founder: Discovering Pattern Breaking Innovation

Daniel Epstein February 18, 2010

A major challenge that incubators like the Unreasonable Institute and investors the world over face is finding social entrepreneurs deserving of capital, marketing, and other support important for launching and scaling their impact. Root Change, a social enterprise focused on finding pattern-breaking social enterprises, finds these disruptive innovators through an innovative crowdsourcing platform called the Social Enterprise Stock Exchange. The general public can trade virtual currency on this stock exchange, effectively predicting which ventures are most likely to be successful. The platform also allows ventures traded on the exchange to gain public notoriety and connections with seed capital and other support vital to their creating impact. And this is only one part of Root Change’s grand undertaking. I visited the wonderful Root Change team at their offices in northeast Washington, D.C. yesterday and shared a thrilling conversation with Co-Founder Evan Bloom. Hear him describe his team’s inspiring work below!

Video Interview Table of Contents:

  1. What is Root Change? (0:01-1:22)
  2. What services does Root Change provide entrepreneurs? (1:23-3:41)
  3. What has been Root Change’s impact to date? (3:42-7:38)
  4. What advice do you have for aspiring social entrepreneurs? (7:39-9:39)

Tremendous thanks to Evan Bloom for filming this interview! Learn more about Root Change at www.rootchange.org.

written by: Teju Ravilochan (Unreasonable Institute)

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