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Interviewing the Founder of Think Impact: Incubating Social Ventures in African Villages

Daniel Epstein February 25, 2010

It’s preposterous to think that you could incubate a social venture you were developing while living in an African village, receiving mentorship, training, funding, and working with the local community to get your venture off the ground. But in fact, that’s exactly what you could do as a Global Development Intern with Think Impact.
This past weekend, I went to the Ashoka U Conference in Washington, D.C. and sat next to the ever convivial Saul Garlick, Think Impact’s Founder & Executive Director. After the conference, Saul invited me to his offices in D.C. and filled me in on the incredible opportunity of Think Impact’s Global Development Internship, an 8-week village homestay and social venture incubation program for top social entrepreneurs. Applications for the Global Development Internship close on February 28, 2010 for this summer. So watch this inspiring video interview with Saul and fill out an application form ASAP!

Video Interview Table of Contents:

  1. What is Think Impact? (0:01-0:53)
  2. What is the Global Development Internship? (0:54-1:16)
  3. What would my experience be as a Global Development Intern? (1:17-5:13)
  4. What are some of the projects that have come out of Think Impact? (5:14-6:06)
  5. In one sentence, what would you say to convince someone to apply for the Global Development Internship? (6:07-6:43)
  6. What advice do you have for aspiring social entrepreneurs? (6:44-7:17)

Thanks to Saul Garlick for this interview! Applications for the Global Development Internship by February 28! Check out to learn more.

written by: Teju Ravilochan (Unreasonable Institute)

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