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Jon Axtell March 4, 2010

Guest Post:  @Socapitalist (Jonathan Axtell, SOCAP Associate Producer)
Click here to register for the Good Capitalist Party! (Sponsored by Ashoka, Acumen, SOCAP, Social Edge, The Hub, Kiva.org, The Unreasonable Institute, and others).
Growing up with a lot of friends in indie rock bands, I would yearly salivate as they described to me the wonderful land of Austin and it’s magical music streets.  I always dreamed of staggering from bar to bar listening to the newest and brightest in musical talent.
Since my younger years I’ve moved on from being an impressionable band fanatic and have watched the growth of SXSW from a music platform to become a multi-platform cultural big tent.  Now representing three massive sectors of culture: music, film, and interactive, SXSW has matured to become the place to be if you are trying to better understand the way culture communicates.
This year, SXSW is addressing an added dimension of culture engagement, social good.  It’s exciting to see so many of our friends from Acumen, Ashoka, Skoll, and Kiva finding themselves right at the center of this.  For we are not only attempting to communicate, but we hope to influence, to move and to regenerate old systems.
What better way to influence than to invite over 700 people to a gathering to learn about the great work some of the best organizations in the social capital markets are doing.  The Good Capitalist Party is going to be a pretty incredible event and we invite you to join us.
If you’ll be in Austin and are interested in learning more about SOCAP10, shoot me an email at JonAxtell@socialcapitalmarkets.net .
I wouldn’t mind catching a band with you either 😉

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