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KEVIN JONES TALKS ABOUT SoCap10: At The Intersection of Money and Meaning

Cameron Campbell May 27, 2010

Social Velocity’s Nell Edgington interviews Kevin Jones, co-founder of SoCap10: At The Intersection of Money and Meaning. In this interview, Kevin Jones highlights the importance of SoCap10 as a conference that leverages both social and economic impact by bringing together leaders, social entrepreneurs, social investors, philanthropic organizations and non profits. He clarifies that SoCap10 will add more value than other social entrepreneurship conferences in that it “brings together more people from a broader perspective and approach to the intersection of money and meaning than any other conference. It’s the place your most likely to run into people you don’t know but should know.” It is conference that focus on “What’s Next?” in the social capital market. This is the third year of SoCap and contains new elements that increase collaboration and the potential for impact. The new Tactical Philanthropy track has made room for philanthropy and non profits because he believes that the growth and evolution of the social capital market requires working across sectoral boundaries to make differences. In regards to the impact of previous SoCap conferences Kevin Jones says, “I’ve seen startups get funding. I’ve seen people from the corporate world get jobs in social enterprise, I’ve seen funds raise multiple millions to achieve scalable social impact. I’ve seen deep and lasting partnerships form between people making a difference. I’ve seen the market fragment and pieces of SoCap pop up in either regional approaches or specific vertical markets, from community activists to nonprofit funders, to technology conferences about money.”
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