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PBS Documentary on Social Enterprise: The New Recruits

Rishi Malhotra June 22, 2010

This week PBS aired for the first time its documentary called ‘The New Recruits’, which focused on the experiences of Acumen Fellows and their immersion in social enterprises. The Acumen Fund is one of the patient capital organizations that will be coming to SOCAP10. The documentary goes into the field to investigate what happens in these enterprises and is narrated by the one and only Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) from The Office.
The documentary does not just portray a rosy picture of social enterprises but rather addresses controversies that arise as well as notes that many of them fail. For example, are MBAs really the ones that should be dictating to farmers the best ways to farm and just trying to impose a Western view of how to do things? Is it ok to use the poor as the testers of products that are not complete yet? The film shows the differences between theory and actual success in the field when it comes to social entrepreneurship.
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Image Credit: PBS

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