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Schwab Charitable Talks About What's Next at SOCAP10

SOCAP Global June 16, 2010

Schwab Charitable, one of the Principle Sponsors of SOCAP10 highlights why Schwab Charitable is interested in SOCAP10 and “What’s Next” in the social capital markets sector.

Schwab Charitable™ is truly excited to be part of the inspiration and collaboration that SOCAP provides to its attendees and sponsors. Our world is changing at breakneck speed and yesterday’s solutions do not work for today’s problems. SOCAP provides the opportunity for the innovators in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors to make acquaintances and exchange ideas. We are proud to sponsor SOCAP10 and demonstrate our commitment to fostering new ideas.

Another reason why we choose to sponsor SOCAP10 is because, just like Schwab Charitable, SOCAP10 is forward-thinking in terms of what needs to happen next to further impact. We’ve identified two actions:

Integration of social capital tracks. How can mobile technology support other social capital initiatives such as impact investing? What can new money do for tactical philanthropy? As a leading national donor-advised fund and one of the top 10 fundraising charities in the U.S., with a mission to increase charitable giving, we are curious as to how mobile devices and impact investing can help our donors support the causes they care about the most.

Democratization of the social capital sector. We think of democratization on two levels: participants and recipients. What do we need to do to engage others in becoming active contributors to the field? And how can we broaden the reach of our efforts to those who need them the most? Our donor-advised fund program provides the ability for our donors to recommend that a portion of assets in their Charitable Gift Accounts be used to guarantee microfinance loans. What other programs can we create that will increase participation in the social sector that will also impact a larger audience?

We look forward to hearing from other experts in the field and engaging in conversations that will lead to greater collaboration.

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